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"Do not drink wine or strong drink, neither you nor your sons with you, when you come into the tent of meeting, so that you will not die--it is a perpetual statute throughout your generations-- and so as to make a distinction between the holy and the profane, and between the unclean and the clean". Leviticus 10:9, 10

Here God was instructing Aaron and his sons how to serve Him in the tabernacle. Yes, it does tell them not to drink wine or strong drink, but it's the reason He told them this that applies to us today. It was "to make a distinction between the holy and the profane, between the unclean and the clean".

Not long ago it was universally understood that those who wore the name of Christ, Christian, did not drink alcohol. Today in many, many churches it has become quite a non-issue with Christians drinking alcoholic beverages with meals, even in public, unapologetically. They even buy alcohol in stores, being seen by the world doing so.

It used to be that the fact that drinking alcohol could compromise our witness to the lost was enough to make Christians abstain. The chance a soul could be lost eternally as they look at us and don't see a difference, so why would they want to come to Jesus, was enough. Not today. Yet we are warned that if we cause even one to stumble, it would be better for us to have a milestone tied around our necks and cast into the sea.

We are warned not to use our freedom in Christ as a license to sin, just because we have grace. This passage clearly tells us that the reason God told Aaron and his sons not to drink wine or strong drink was to distinguish "between the holy and the profane, between the unclean and the clean". Profane and unclean sounds like sin to me. We are to be set apart from the world. We are commanded not to be conformed to this world. A holy priesthood - all Christians, a holy nation unto God.

We are told repeatedly to prefer the welfare of others over our own. Is that what we are doing when we argue that in the New Testament we are only forbidden to be "drunk" and selfishly cling to our "freedom" as permission to drink alcohol? Paul said though he had freedom in Christ to do certain things, he never would if it would cause someone to stumble.

We all know that alcoholism is rampant. We know it destroys our bodies which are the temples of the Holy Spirit of God and we are forbidden to harm our bodies. We know it destroys families and lives. We know it leads to all manner of sinful behaviors. We also know that no one knows they will become an alcoholic before it happens. We all know that if we never take that first drink, it is impossible to become an alcoholic.

Do you think it is pleasing to God when we claim our right to drink alcohol and do so, even in public in front of those who are not yet saved, but know we are Christians? Is this glorifying God? Is this loving our neighbor as ourself? Is it living out a life of crucifying our fleshly desires in His service since we have been bought with the price of His very life and are no longer our own, but His servants?

Today I have this marvelous pinwheel for you to help with the winter blues and remember spring is just around the corner! Enjoy!
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