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Easter Basket freebie  

We made these in my class to show that this holiday isn’t about bunnies and chicks. The real gifts of this holiday are exceedingly precious like jewels, given to us by Jesus Christ through His sacrifice on the cross for us. Through God’s love for us, He gave us mercy and hope of a home in heaven. He paid for our forgiveness, and offers us salvation by giving His life in our stead. He gave us the ability to become children of God and His own brethren if we will take advantage of this amazing gift by repenting of our sins, asking Him to forgive us and be our Savior, promising to serve and obey Him all the rest of our lives, and being immersed in baptism in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I hope you accept the true gifts of this holiday today!

Here's the quick and easy how tos!
I used a 4.5" x 6.5" pad of cardstock. I cut them to 4.5" squares. Next I scored them in thirds both directions and creased them. Next I cut the score line up to it's first intersection on both ends of opposite sides. I cut 1/2" strips from the leftover portion of the sheet to be the handles. I folded the sides that were cut till the corners met in the middle as you can see in the picture. I punched a hole through all three layers and inserted a brad. I punched holes in the ends of the handle strip and added them to the brad inside the basket and spread the brad to hold. Add a little easter grass. Use a Sharpie marker to write the names of the real gifts on the backs of faux jewels and voila! Done! And so cute! I'm giving you a template that will print on a regular size paper too. Enjoy!
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