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Plastic Cup Flowers Tutorial & Freebie Pt. 1  

I buy these gorgeous plastic cups for our fellowship meals at church. They come from Sam's Club and have four gorgeous colors in each bag, different seasonally. Every week I use a new cup for water up front for if my husband or I need a sip while leading praise and worship, or he while preaching afterward. Every week as I throw out the beautiful old cup I think, there simply has to be something I can do with these gorgeous things! I've even brought them home a few times, but nothing came to me. (After all, they've only had water in them and only we have used them.) It was the four gorgeous colors they chose for the spring collection that really had me frustrated as I'd throw them out.

Then I got to wondering if I could use punches on them...and yes you can! I had to trim the lips and bottoms off and slit them down the side, but they do work. And what's really fun is that there is a swirl of a texture around each cup, so punching from one cup, you get a smooth shiny shape AND a cool textured one of the same color! The bottoms suddenly look like fun dimensional "lifts" for projects instead of using foam squares (etc.). The rings look promising too. Now that I see what gorgeous little flowers they make, I know I can use little pieces of these cups in so many other ways, either punched or cut.They are bright and cheerful and really hold their shapes - and best of all, we didn't add them to the landfills!!! BTW on these little beauties I cut one textured and one smooth flower for each and put the textured on the bottom, bending the petals of the smooth ones up to shape the flower.
My gift for you today is part of a big collection of these flowers for your digital use. Enjoy and don't miss the next few days so you can grab the entire collection!

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