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Pussy Willow and Acorn Balls w a Freebie  

It's been quite a while since I've found time to post and I wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten you. With the beauty of autumn wrapping us in fragrant glory, I thought you might enjoy my most recent projects, maybe even make one yourself for this fall and winter!

This last week my oldest daughter has been away on business.  That left me cat-sitting my kitty grandbabies.  Update:  Her house is rebuilt and finally, as of Friday, finished replacing all the major furniture from the tornado a year and a half ago.  Praise God!  The lone tree left at the road has blanketed the driveway with acorns.  I gathered up a bunch of caps and bought a two pack of styrofoam balls.  I painted them brown to hide the parts that would peak through and hot glued away.

When we got this house, I searched for a pussy willow bush for the yard.  They have always been something almost magical since my youth.  Sadly, a few years ago, a severe pruning by dh killed what had become a huge bush. Last year, or was it two years ago? I splurged on a bouquet of pussy willows. Just FYI, in the past I have I rooted my store bought bunch and had good results.  Back to the story...Being one who doesn't like waste, I had carefully saved every catkin right before they bloomed.  Ohhhhh how I LOVE catkins!  So the idea of an entire ball covered with their gorgeous furryness really appeals to me.

Once I finished the acorn cap ball, I had a ball left and remembered my treasured dried pussy willows! I knew there wouldn't be enough to cover this big a ball, but it's what I had, so off I went.  I had planned to use them with the dark husks they open out of, but they had become so brittle that I had to remove every one of them and just glue on the catkins.  They covered all but a small part at the bottom of the ball.  I sat it on a new cone of kitchen twine I'd bought from Bed, Bath & Beyond recently, just to keep it from rolling away.  But, I LOVED how it looked!  The natural elements worked together and so did the colors.  Love it!  Not so sure about the purply/blue of the cone, but next to my arrangement on the hearth, it looks like I did it on purpose!  It would be a small thing to paint the cone another color for future uses.  So, here are the two balls and a cluster of oak leaves with a group of three acorn caps in the center that also was on the driveway.  Yes, I baked all the acorn/leaf materials on a foil lined cookie sheet an hour at my oven's lowest temp just to be sure they weren't bringing any icky friends in for the holiday!  Oh what a delight to touch the pussy willow ball!

Happy Autumn to you all and be sure to check out all the autumn products in my store for your digital scrapbooking layouts!  I'm putting an autumn freebie here just to make you smile.  Hugs!

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