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Kusudama Christmas Beauty  

Here's another Christmas treasure I want to share with you...
I know that Kusudama in all it's countless variations is all over the net and wonderful tuts on YouTube, (like here), but I wanted to share how beautiful they are as Christmas decorations and tree ornaments.  She used a glue stick.  I started with Aleene's Tacky Glue but now use low melt glue and wish I'd done that from the start!

Since I've had LOTS of waiting time in doctor's offices and before surgeries, tests and procedures this year, I've had lots of time to fold the countless little petals that make up these beauties.

This is the first one I made.  I had a message cube that wasn't sticky when you tore the pages off.  Perfect squares I didn't have to cut...nice!  I dabbed the edges of my finished ball with a red ink pad to make the details pop.

Then I cut 2.5" squares from an old book and made five and six petal flowers.

Assembling the five petal was easy...glue petal point to petal point.  But though it seemed to me that it would be the same with the six petal, all my labor was ruined as it was too crowded and distorted some of the petals.  With 72 individually folded petals and then all the was sad to ruin.  I scoured YouTube for directions and couldn't find any for the six petal, but saw that the more ornate Kusudama are sewn together.  The one you see above I assembled by sewing five flowers into a ring, then five more into a second ring, and then sewing through the end of one single flower, pulling the string up through the center of both of the rings and then through the last single flower.  I added a twine loop before closing it permanently.  I also chose to add glue to the center before I added the last flower, just to make it sturdy.  I didn't really trust the thread alone.  And voila!  A beautiful six point flower ball of vintage book pages!

These will be gorgeous on a tree too, but I don't have one up yet.

I have more goodies for you, so stop by again and Merry Christmas!

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