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Kusudama Flower Ornaments  

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Today's Christmas beauties came as a result of creating this gorgeous Kususdama Snowball I shared recently (scroll back a few posts), with a slight modification:
To make these Kususdama Flower Ornaments, I trimmed the petals even narrower than shown in step 4.  I wanted more background to show through them.  You can use them to scatter on a table, sit on your tree, or string with hanging loops to actually hang.  They really stay put on the tree without a hanger.  How about connecting them to make garland?!!!!   These are infinitely quicker and easier to make than the entire Kususdama Snowball.

There are lots of tutorials on YouTube for the basic five and six petal Kusudama.  There's one here.  She used a glue stick.  I started with Aleene's Tacky Glue but now use low melt glue and wish I'd done that from the start!
(Yes, I got the numbers of the steps out of order on my preview.)

2.  I started by cutting 2 1/2" squares of old book paper with my paper cutter.  Six squares makes six petals = one flower.

1.  This is a good activity to pass time while waiting somewhere.  I put the squares in a snack bag with a slightly pointed wooden stick (to help open parts for folding), then put that bag in a larger bag.  I keep it in my purse, neat, waterproof and tidy.  Then when I have to wait somewhere, I can neatly and easily make petals and put them in the larger bag sitting in my purse.  The yellow note is my reminder of how many flowers/petals it takes to make a normal ball for both five and six petal flowers. 

3.  Follow the tut link above to make the basic petals as you see at number 3.

4.  Then I trimmed the petals with scissors, cutting off the glued end and keeping the open end.

5.  Glue six petals together and you get the lovely flower at number 5.

And there you have it - handfulls of lovely flowers!  You could use these for many other occasions, weddings, birthdays...
I'm sharing fun Christmas projects all month, so scroll back and be sure to drop by for the rest abd  Merry Christmas!

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