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Magazine Tree Beauties  

Hi!  I haven't forgotten you!  I haven't been able to post much this year due to health, but I have managed to make some Christmas crafts I'm really loving and wanted to share them with you and send you all my love and wishes for a wonderful Christmas and the best New Year yet!

Last year I shared adorable trees I made from magazines and old books using a tutorial from The House That Lars Built. My original post is here.

For trunks, I sat the big trees on candles in metal snowflake holders that I got from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  The smaller tree from the old book is sitting on a tub of glitter wrapped in brown paper bag.

This year I took it a bit farther...
I have a narrow area on my china cabinet that I wanted a little forest on, but it's too narrow for the round trees, and I didn't want them all the same height.  As most magazines seem to be the same "height",  I trimmed the open top edge of my magazine to create shorter trees.  I also cut the open side edge of the magazines to make narrower diameter trees.  Then instead of gluing the two covers together to make it round, I left it open so the back was flat...just what you need to fit a narrow area!  And they store small since they can fold right back up!

Then I cut a magazine down enough to make a folded tree ornament for the Christmas tree!  For the smaller trees I cut a ring from a paper toilet roll for the trunk and glued them to the bottom of the tree.  By slitting the toilet paper roll open vertically you can adjust the diameter of your trunk a you wish and the natural paper is perfect!  Add a twine loop and you have an ornament for the tree.

I keep meaning to try spray painting a tree...or a forest...or use colored glitter on them, but the truth is that in my home, the way they look with their natural pages and the gorgeous clear glitter I poured over them (on top of ModPodge) takes my breath away and I haven't gotten to the other ideas yet.  I gave away all but the first one I made last year and love it so much I left it out all year.  I am still delighted to walk through the room and see the sunlight dancing on the glitter, or the TV light doing the same.  I have to stop and gaze, the sparkle taking me to a magical happy place.  Sigh!  And now that I have my little forest, methinks they will stay too!  When you find something pure in life that makes you happy, you should go with it!

This could also be used on a few inches of magazine to make a 3D tree that you could glue the two ends to paper as decoration, or in the center of a card so it opens when you open the card.  Still looking forward to trying that one!  I can also see adding elements around the tree to be garland and ornaments...

I have a couple of other goodies I plan to share soon.  Merry Christmas!

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1 comments: to “ Magazine Tree Beauties

  • Anonymous
    January 20, 2013 at 8:41 PM  

    Wow this is really awesome! I want to make this in the upcoming Christmas!

    I recently started a blog as well and have some devotionals!

    May God bless you with all that you are doing for His name!

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