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"Pottery Barn" Table Runners and Napkins  

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I hope you have been enjoying all the Christmas projects I've been sharing with you this month.  This project came with a big surprise...

I wanted to make table runners and matching napkins for both my daughters and my sister.  Frayed burlap makes such a great runner and I've seen so many great tablescapes built around it.  So, I wanted to make one side frayed burlap and the other side a seasonal fabric.  That way no storage space is needed.  When you don't want "winter",  flip it over!

I'd also seen a cleaver idea for fabric Christmas trees and wanted to try that for my matching napkins.  So off to the store I went to find a pretty Christmas fabric!  Hobby Lobby is by far my fav store, but they didn't have any that I liked, so off to JoAnn's.  I found only one print I liked, and I simply adored it!  It was a woodland scene with white and dark green trees, deer in clearings and tiny red birds, all dusted with a delicate sparkle!  Loved it!  $12 a yard and a coupon that really helped.

Just as I finish them, I got my Pottery Barn catalog in the mail and what do I see?  Almost identical print in dishes and napkins!!!  Wow!  Talk about being "on trend"!  As to the "Christmas tree" two sided napkins, I made a set of four, but didn't love them in the end, so for the other two gifts I made traditional square napkins with mitered corners.  I made four of the cream muslin and four of the print for each set and arranged them in pairs bound by pretty bows.  I simply adore the bows on everything I made from the threads I pulled off the burlap!  I'm really happy with how it all turned out.  I saved the leftovers for future projects.  The napkins would be pretty on a plate or in a goblet.

Below are the Christmas tree napkins.  I made two with muslin out and two with the print out.

I designed four page cards to tie to the sets with raffia.  On the front page is a text star saying "MERRY CHRISTMAS" all the way around the star and the body of the star is the Christmas story from the Bible.  On the back page is a tree stamp by Tim Holtz and our signatures.  The rest is all my designs including my Snowflakes Kit.  The middle pages are care instructions (you can't wash burlap, so spot clean) and use ideas.  I love how the card turned out!
Be sure to check back for more goodies and Merry Christmas to everyone!

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