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Toilet Paper Roll Paper Chain  

Today's idea is such a "no duh!" that it's odd I've never seen it elsewhere on the net.  Turning toilet paper rolls into a paper chain!

I had a huge number of rolls left that I had collected for my Bible class at church.  I'd spent so long collecting them one at a time that when the church closed in May, I couldn't bring myself to throw them out.  I love the natural look of the paper and the neutral color.  I used some of them as trunks for my magazine trees (scroll back two posts), but still had tons of them.

I slit them lengthwise with scissors and cut them into four equal strips on the paper trimmer.  Then I used a tiny bit of hot glue to join them into the traditional paper chain.  I just LOVE how it looks.  The color, the texture, warm, homey and yet it looks very Pottery Barn to me.

As soon as I was done I realized that I could have stamped on them while they were strips and set about collecting a few more to try it out.
Oooh!  I really love them both!  And a great way to recycle too.  I really enjoy re-purposing things that would normally become trash.  Not only have you beautified your little corner of the world, but you have the satisfaction of keeping something out of the landfills!  And yes, I only hung the stamped one there to take the didn't stay there!

More goodies to come, so stop back soon and Merry Christmas!

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