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Woven Snowflakes  

I have more Christmas beauty for you today! 

I started with a basic woven star tutorial I saw on line.  I used a beautiful two sided scrapbook paper and cut 12 strips 1/2" wide and 6" long on my paper trimmer and my finished flakes are 6" in diameter.  I used Aleene's tacky glue for the assembly up to joining the points and switched to low melt glue.  I like the extra positioning time Alleene's gives me, but the parts that really need to hold go faster with the hot glue and there's no need to clip or hold that way.

I followed the directions up to where you place the two units back to back and assemble.  I decided to nest them both facing the same way, just turn the top one so the points fit between the points on the bottom one.  I could trim the dark strips behind the points, but I like how it makes them show up.  I'm toying with the idea of maybe rounding the ends, or cutting to a point, though I'm not sure.  Hmmm...what if I were to use a punch on the straight pieces...a row of circles, tiny snowflakes...before I assemble the two parts together?  I think I'm going to have to try that one!

They just cried for something in the center, so I looked through goodies I'd made in the past but not used.  I found these lovely punched flake elements.  I had used the EK snowflake to punch the red mottled big flakes, then I had punched three white flakes with Martha Stewart's snowflake punch out of cardstock and glued them together to make them thicker.  I glued them to the center of the red flake and bent them slightly up and away for dimension.  In the center I had glued a small round silver rhinestone for sparkle.  They were perfect for this project, only I didn't want them to lay flat in the center of the new flakes.  I keep every scrap of art foam in a zip lock bag when I am working with it because it makes perfect, color coordinated, free (recycled) dimensional lifts.  I got a brown one to match my new flake and glued it to the center, then glued the old flake assembly to the top of it.  I punched a hole and threaded silver string for a hanger and voila!  I love how these turned out!

Stop back by soon as there are more goodies for you and Merry Christmas!

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