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The Accidental Remodel Part 2 Cabinet 'n' Stove  

Welcome back for Part 2 of The Accidental Remodel!  For this to make sense, you need to read the last post, so scroll back one for Part 1.

This was the "before" I compiled from very old pictures.  It didn't look that good now.

Fast forward to this February/March when The Accidental Remodel started -
My husband decided it was time for a new stove, just decided it one night!  It's an older home and the stove has never been right in the fifteen years we have owned the house.  But it's a drop in unit and to replace it with a normal stove would require hiring someone to cut down the cabinets to make room.  The expense had always stopped us.  But, we got a stove from Lowe's and paid a man to do the cabinet work.

Just FYI, if you sign up for the Lowe's credit card, you get 5% off everything you charge on it.  If the purchase is $299 or over, you can choose the 5% or 6 mo. no interest.  Needless to say, even though it's only a drop in the bucket, we have bought EVERYTHING for the remodel at Lowe's.  Disclaimer:  I have no connection to Lowe's and am not receiving anything in return for my postings.

I killed myself for over five hours one night getting the wallpaper off from behind the stove.  I couldn't feel my thumb for weeks!  I tried several ways to get it off.  Nothing worked and it really tore up the wall.

I wasn't prepared for this change.  You just never imagine the crazy problems that change will bring.  You think, "Wow, I'm getting the first new stove of my life and that will be nice.  It's so clean and pretty!"  Not so much.

The normal stove stuck out from the wall so far that I no longer can open two of my drawers and the narrow cabinet left of the stove.  Weeks later my husband figured out that if I open the oven door, I can pull one of the drawers out, but the other drawer and cabinet are useless now.  The delivery men had to come back and try again as they had left it 3" from the wall.  It's a little better now, but not much.  It sticks out so far, I keep tripping on the drawer under it!

With it's legs all the way up, the stove was barely even with the counter.  Strange.  When I tried to use the oven, I found that the door is so large, almost all my body is IN THE HOT OVEN when I'm trying to put something in, test it or take it out - not cool!  It's really unlikely that I could do a heavy turkey so far away from my body.  

Since this deluxe model was only $150 more than the kind I used to have (stripped basic with coils on top), we had gotten this one.  It has a cooktop, is self-cleaning and has convection cooking.  Of course, I read the manual first as all this is new and alien to me.  I didn't get far before I was so overwhelmed I was fighting tears and wanting to send it back.  Every single food has certain rack (of three racks) you are to use on a certain of seven levels.

They listed ALL materials cookware is made of and said every one of them caused some damage to the cooktop surface.  What are you to cook with?  You were to turn it off before things were done cooking as it would stay early?  And yes, it stays noticeably HOT for MANY HOURS after it's off.  That should be fun in the summer here in the Deep South.  It just went on and on.

I finally talked to my sister-in-law who is a home ec major, has taught it in school and has had a cooktop for decades.  She basically told me to put the manual away and pretend it was a normal stove!  LOL  Took a long time to even try it.  Half afraid to touch it!  Due to The Accidental Remodel I haven't had time to use it much and the kitchen is all torn up, so it's hard to cook.  Sadly, of the few times I've tried the oven, nothing is turning out.  I hope in time I will learn how to use it.  Right now it's a $1,400 decoration that I have to clean constantly!  (Price includes the cabinet work).

I had thought that a cooktop would be great as I could keep it clean!  Not so.  It's being so much work.  Everything I sit on it leaves a mark to scrub and I do mean SCRUB.  My normal dish towel doesn't pick water up from it.  I had to get microfiber, and not just any microfiber.  The first two I tried still didn't pick the water up.  I ended up with a bag of brilliant yellow ones from Sam's that are picking up the water from the cooktop and the new granite (which towels weren't picking up from either).  It's a pretty yellow, but I want a deep red as accent in the room and the towel is always in view to dry.  I had to buy special cleaner.  More expense.  Every speck shows up on the lovely black surface. 

A thought started forming in my mind at that time that having old junk was much easier and cheaper to care for, carefree!  That thought has been born out with every step of this process.  In my altered mental state trying to adjust to the changes in my alien kitchen, I ponder if it's all a cosmic joke that we think these things will be good things in our lives and the joke's on us?  LOL!  Come back for the next installment!

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