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The Accidental Remodel Part 3 Design  

Thanks for joining me for Part 3 of The Accidental Remodel!  Just as a's the before:

While the man was here to cut the cabinets down to fit the new stove, I asked him to estimate knocking out the panels at the ceiling and making them into shelves.  I plan to put baskets in them ... and maybe store Christmas in them ... all sorted!  An organizer's (me) dream!  And I asked for an estimate to put cabinets and counter on the empty wall that I had filled with homemade storage...even cardboard boxes to store Bible Class supplies in.  You can read about that project too under "Money Saving Tips" in the label cloud.  His price was better than the bottom of the line ready made, finish yourself ones at Lowe's.  He required a huge deposit to "hold our place" in their order of jobs.  He said it would be sometime in July.  That's like 5 months.  As an aside, he's not returning our calls and any prayers you care to give on our behalf would be GREATLY appreciated!

So, I started designing the room in PhotoShop, doing mock ups so we could see how things would look.  After tons of options for our little kitchen, we settled on a design. This first one is the wall of new cabinets.   Though it will be a very tiny cabinet, I wanted one open to show my pretty plates and add some style.
See the pretty new faucet below that my daughter gave us?

The inset picture was to give the cabinet man the idea of what kind of arch I wanted.

I hope you stop by next time to follow the story!

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