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The Accidental Remodel Part 4 Paint Cabinet Doors  

Welcome back for Part 4 of The Accidental Remodel!

Here's a reminder of "before":

We didn't plan it, but once the new stove was in, the ugly cabinets became uglier...well, to my husband.  They were always ugly to me.  I was grateful to have them, but they were ugly and STICKY when we got the house and nothing I tried improved it.  I always felt like they were dirty.  The pictures make it look much better than in RL.

So, since replacing is horrifically expensive, that = painting.  When my oldest daughter's house was rebuilt after the tornado, they painted her kitchen cabinets.  It's been awful ever since.  Everything sticks to the shelves and you have to "break" them off to remove them.  It's NOT good.  And the doors stick and pull paint off when opened.  So, I didn't want to paint the insides of the cabinets.  The doors were ugly, but the shelves are ooooh so nice!

I have recently been seeing accent cabinet make-overs on line that are one color inside and a different color outside.  I have really liked it.  So, I decided not to paint inside my cabinets, even though I was going to paint the outsides, windows, doors and trim the same soft white Mascarpone that I'd painted the trim in the rest of our space.  It saved money for deglosser, primer and paint, tons of work and time, all with the bonus of no possibility of messing up my shelves!  Yeah!

Knowing that the cabinets were sticky to start with, I figured paint wouldn't want to stick.  I wanted to do it right so this would last.  I researched and asked experts and ended up with 26 steps for every single inch!
  1. scrubbed with Murphy's Oil Soap
  2. rinsed
  3. dried
  4. then twice with de-glosser from Lowe's
  5. scrubbed with Murphy's again to remove any residue of the de-glosser
  6. rinsed
  7. dried
  8. patched imperfections
  9. sanded patches smooth
  10. wiped with soft dry towel to remove dust
  11. first coat of primer
  12. patched again as more imperfections were revealed
  13. sanded
  14. wiped with soft dry towel
  15. second coat of primer
  16. patched again as more imperfections were revealed
  17. sanded
  18. wiped with soft dry towel
  19. first coat of paint
  20. sanded as needed for any drips or sagging
  21. wiped with soft dry towel
  22. second coat of paint
  23. sanded as needed for any drips or sagging
  24. wiped with soft dry towel
  25. third coat of paint
  26. no doubt, when everything's done, I'll have to touch up              

I quickly found out that the breeze was speckling my work with blossoms, leaves and tiny insects.  I had to sand the nature off between each coat!  For the final coat I carried them inside immediately, then went to paint the next door.  In the bottom right picture you can see how I had to move all the kitchen things into the rest of the house.  I left only the pantry, now moved to the middle of the kitchen floor.  You like my pretty yard?  :)  I  hope you will come back for the next step in our adventure!

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