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The Accidental Remodel Part 6 Primer  

Welcome back to Part 6 of The Accidental Remodel!

This is how bad it looked after the first coat of primer:


Last night I hammered out the panel at the top left.  I had hoped to make it into a shelf (closing off the top of the cabinets) so I could use baskets up there.  Sadly the panel is too deep to just lay down in the opening so I can add furring strips to support it, and too long to fit out the hole so we can trim and re-insert it.  We don't have any tool that will help get it out.  Guess we will have to let the cabinet guy earn his money to do it, if he ever comes!

I also bashed the snot out of the one over the sink and could only get the top loose and the entire valence was moving.  DH tried (hence the hole from a mighty blow) and then he saw it was actually inserted behind the face frame against the shelf that the light is hung from.  It's so not coming out without the special tools.  I give.

I'm toying with the idea of storing Christmas decorations in the baskets as they are only needed once a year and are light weight. That could make our closet much more livable.  We had moved Christmas to the closets long ago as getting in the attic isn't too friendly for either of us any more either.  Now that we finally bought a step ladder (so I could do this job), it would be possible to reach them.  All these years of stepping on a chair from the floor to reach things has been increasingly heinous on my body. Step ladder = GOOD! 

So, on goes our remodel with a second coat of primer...praying the cabinet guy does right by us. (Prayers welcome!)

See ya next time!

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