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The Accidental Remodel Part 8 Bay Trim  

Welcome back to Part 8 of The Accidental Remodel!

Next I tackled the trim in the bay.  You can see where I experimented with primer on the wallpaper, since I'd had such a nightmare removing just the part behind the stove.  Primer not so good, but it's already brightening the area.  Two coats of paint ... oh so pretty!

One thing I figured out when I was repainting all the woodwork in the the living and dining rooms was a happy solution to a problem I've had ever since getting replacement windows.  They installed them wrong in so many ways, but one was the clear caulk on the inside.  It collects dust and dirt and is impossible to clean.  It looks worse every year.  Well, after painting around the first window in the other rooms, it hit me to wonder if paint would stick to the plastic replacement window?  I painted over just the surface that had the caulk and IT WORKED!   So, since then I have painted the outermost plastic surface with my woodwork and all the ugly caulk is GONE, praise God!!!!!

Normally my office is in this bay window.  I scooted my desk into the middle of the room for the remodel.  Oh joy!  :)

See ya for the next installment!

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