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The Accidental Remodel Part 9 Cabinet Paint  

Welcome back to Part 9 of The Accidental Remodel!

Thanks so much for joining me on this adventure!  Today is the second coat of paint on the cabinets!  Isn't it looking so much better?  See little Boo peeking around the door?

Ok, I just LOVE before and after shots and it just seemed to scream for one at this point in the work -

What do you think?  I can't wait for the old dish washer hole to have it's new drawer and two doors - finally after fifteen years!

Once I put all the doors back on, within minutes there were chips in the paint, down to the dark brown!  Four layers!  I was devastated.   I did everything possible to make sure the paint adhered and would last for years, then only minutes later it was coming off.  I'd even used the most expensive super amazing primer that sticks to ANYTHING.  When we did my youngest daughter's kitchen in January, it covered dark brown paneling and EVERYTHING she had, no problem, and it's still fine almost six months later.  So, was really discouraged.  But now, many weeks later, nothing new has come off since that first round of chips...except what the granite men destroyed.  So now things are looking more hopeful.

My oldest daughter said she had the same experience where they had painted this same off white over dark brown.  I hadn't known.  She said she just kept patching till it didn't come off any more and is fine now.  I have chosen not to do final touch ups until the cabinet man finishes his work...(praying he actually comes and does what we paid him for months ago...and that he does a good job).

UPDATE:  I'm well past this point now and I have figured something out about the paint problem.  In carefully re-reading the paint can, I now see that though it's dry to the touch in an hour and you can re-coat in two hours, it states that "maximum strength is reached at seven days".  Light bulb!  That would explain the fact that after a few days, no further damage has shown up!  I'm now working on a desk make-over for my office in the bay window and this time I'm trying to wait the seven days before I put all my equipment on it.  We'll see if it stops the damage!  And yes, that project will be in a future installment of The Accidental Remodel.  And here's a spoiler - you won't believe how the kitchen looks at this point!  It still has a long way to go, mostly due to the cabinet man still not doing his part, but you are going to be amazed at the change in this room!  I'm SO GLAD you are going on this journey with me! 

So, all is well and we are a step closer to being able to return to normal life!  See you for the next installment!

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