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Perscription Help GOOD NEWS!  

GREAT NEWS!  I'm so excited to share this with you! 

My sister saved over $800 on one prescription and called to tell me about it. She told me about two completely free places that really help with prescription costs, whether you have insurance or not!  Neither asks for personal information and they work fast and easy. You can use it instantly!

Tonight is the second time I have used one of them and tonight...drum roll please...I saved over $800 on a prescription!!!!!  Praise God!  Yeah!  It made the difference between getting it and not getting it.  You know the drill.

The deals change all the time, so you need to either check when you have a prescription to fill, or sign up for them to notify you.  The first time I used it I only saved a little, but wow tonight!  I paid $29.80!

Ok, the one I've used is  You type your zip code and the name of the medicine.  The next page lets you select the dosage and number of pills.  It gives you a list of the cheapest places for that prescription in your area.  You just print the coupon, take it to the pharmacy and give it to them when you drop off the prescription.  Voila!  Done!  It's AMAZING!  It hasn't helped with most of my meds, but wow what a blessing on this one tonight!

The other is   I haven't used it, but you can print a card on line or ask them to send you one.  It took a l-o-n-g time to come in the mail, but since you can print one, so what!

God bless these people for this help.  Even if it only helps once in a while, it's still great help and it's free and easy!  I hope this really helps you as it has me tonight!

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