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The Accident Remodel Part 17 Wall Paint  

Welcome back to Part 17 of The Accidental Remodel!

Ever since this project began, I've been pondering colors for the walls.  There won't be much wall showing with all the soft white cabinets, windows and doors.  Originally, I wanted a light, bright, soft room...maybe a soft blue with the white.  As you know, that's history as materials in my budget turned the room a different direction.  After I finished and sealed the backsplash, I came up with three colors that went nicely with all the colors in the stone backsplash, the granite and the Mascarpone soft white wood.  There was a carmel, a very soft yellow and a dark taupe.  When we ended up going with black (I know, I still can't believe it!) blinds, the dark taupe was out.  It would shrink the room way too much.

I have sanded, plastered, primed several times and been very aware that once I tried wall color, that I'd have to prime several times to cover it for the next try, so I've been very cautious.  The paint chips looked good in all lights.  Last night we got a "great" idea to be daring.  We went and got a sample of a burnt sienna.  I finally bit the bullet at 10PM and started painting the "carmel" first, then the sienna.  Oh my goodness!  The carmel turned sick pea green on the wall!  And the sienna....well, see for yourself - it turned bright orange.  They didn't look like their chips.  They looked horrid.

This morning I wanted that orange gone fast.  I still had the other two of the original three colors, so I painted an area with them each of them.  It wasn't an option any more, but I used some of the dark taupe anyway.  The very light yellow turned into some truly unpleasant gold color.   Ewwww!

Due to a long string of misfortunes, we have been a one car family for three weeks now with no end in sight, so I have to wait till DH is home from work to use it.  When he got here today, we looked at some more paint chips and took off for paint again.  He wanted a certain gray and I had hopes for a lighter tan/beige, praying this time it was truly neutral.  I painted the gray first.  There are many gorgeous grays.  On the wall, this one was truly blech!  :(

I got to wondering if the remaining green wall (that will be covered by the new cabinets, Lord willing), was messing with the colors.  I slapped some primer over it this evening, and over my trial patches, not trying to make it pretty, but to make the green disappear so it didn't affect how our trial paints look.  Next I tried the light tan/beige.  There was a lot of red in it and looked too dark and very pinky.  That's six colors so far.  :(

Update:  Yesterday and today we tried colors seven and eight.  It's not love, but might have found something we could live with.

Update:  Well, we're up to ten colors now, but we have a winner!  God is so full of irony!  So, in desperation, I asked my daughter (who just rebuilt her house a year ago from the tornado), to bring me what's left of one of her colors for me to try.  It'ss nice in her home and we both have the same trim paint.  I painted a small area with her paint and we liked it.  So I went to the store to buy some.   I took them the can with the formula on it, but when I got home with it and painted it near hers, it wasn't near the color and had a sick green cast to it.  :(

Today it occurred to me, the paint is here, it's paid for, why not try it?  Maybe it only looked horrid because it was next to what it was supposed to be.  So I painted every inch that will have wall paint showing, and you know what?  The color I didn't order out of 10 is just right!  We are both happy with it and at peace tonight.  It brings the color of the backsplash around the room to bind it together.  It is dark enough to make the woodwork pop, but light enough to not darken the room.  Now that it's the only color on the walls, it looks comfortably neutral without leaning to pink or green, though it looks different than in these pictures.  Hallelujah!  How ironic is that?  Praise God!  The paint trials are OVER!  On with the next part of the remodel!  I hope you'll come back and join us!

UPDATE:  I couldn't resist - it's time for another before and after!  I think it's amazing!

UPDATE:  I had never used flat paint before, but I loved the idea of the flat finish on my walls next to the high gloss trim and cabinets, so I tried Lowe's Valspar flat.  Last night I had DH hold a picture frame against the wall so I could see if I liked it.  Just that left such dark marks on the wall that I couldn't even wash it completely away!  I have to repaint the entire room!  I'm using their finish just below the semi-gloss, satin.  Hope it works better, but sad to loose the flat finish.

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