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The Accidental Remodel Part 11 Countertops  

Welcome back to Part 11 of The Accidental Remodel!

Thanks for stopping by!  Today is all about the countertops.  Here's yet another of those things in life you think are just, "Wow, a granite countertop - wow!  Dream come true!".   It didn't turn out that way.

So, we picked a granite company.  The owner was so nice and told us all these big jobs he'd done and what gorgeous counters he'd make us.  We picked a slab of Verde Butterfly, the only non-ugly option in the lowest price range.  They made a template.  They demolished and removed our counters and removed the sink.  Then came the magical moment...they were carrying the first piece of granite in...  Be still my beating heart!  Only...oh my goodness it looks AWFUL!  As dull and flat, shineless as a rock in the yard!  Having never gotten granite counters before, I chose to be silent, assuming that at the end of the installation we would have the beautiful counters we were promised and that we'd paid for. 

None of it shined when they left.  I couldn't even go in the kitchen till the next afternoon.  It was horrid!  Whoever heard of a granite counter that was dull???  And the edges were the worst!  There were man-made chips and scratches all over it.  

In my struggle to cope, I thought, maybe they just didn't seal it right.  What the installer did was just wipe it.  I watched videos on how to do it, went and bought some and spent an entire afternoon sealing and buffing, trying to make it shine.  Heartsick.  

This and the new cabinets (that are hopefully coming) were the only work we paid others for.  I am doing all the rest myself, with a tiny bit of help from DH.  We dealt in good faith.  We paid a LOT.  It was unimaginable.  Who ever heard of dull granite counters?  At my height, the edges were especially important as that's what I'd see most of.  I went back to my daughter's and looked at hers just to be sure I hadn't been crazy my entire life thinking that granite and EDGES were mirror shinny.  But I was right!

We discussed the problems with them many times and twice they came out and would put stuff on it and rub.  When he rubbed it with denatured alcohol, the top shined a little, but the edges never did.  He told me my "eyes were playing tricks on" me.  But they are the same eyes that see all the other granite, even the granite in his show room.  He said it was shiny and there was nothing more to do and he stands behind his work.  

I liked the man.  He ripped us off big time.  I searched the net for a company that could/would make it shine, but they all said it must happen in fabrication and cannot be done in a home.  I never shared their name, but describing my problem to a local dealer who was obviously very prosperous, and they said that my fabricator doesn't have the proper equipment to make the edges shiny.  This man sold us this product KNOWING that it would be dull.  He does this to every customer.  Heartsick.

It's just devastating.  And they tore up my paint job in many places, even though I alerted them to it and asked they be careful.  I also didn't get the turn table they had contracted to provide.

So, this is a very sad installment, but...that's real life isn't it.  Again, it's one of those things that happens to you and you never dreamed of such a thing!  Come back next time to see what's next in The Accidental Remodel - I promise it's good!

Oh!  I promised you another irony of life in an earlier installment...about the faucet!  So, I'd been upset that they ruined my daughter's faucet when they put in her granite backsplash while rebuilding her house from the tornado.  The faucet has to be sideways about 45 degrees and I hate it!  Well, the irony is that once DH and I got the plumbing done with all new PVC and the new faucet my daughter had given us, I found I couldn't reach the handle!  No kidding!  The new counter is deeper as granite has a greater overhang, and my old faucet had the handle that comes out toward you.  This one has a little handle on the side and backwards is hot!!!!  I could barely touch it with the tip of my longest finger, surely not control it!  Talk about despair!  And I don't have a dishwasher, everything is by hand!  So the end of much consternation was that we UN-installed the faucet and RE-installed it with the handle IN FRONT!!!!  It looks funny and is still wildly inconvenient, but I CAN TOUCH IT!  When I am rinsing a glass, it hits the handle and turns the water off!  LOL  Again with the things in life that you innocently think are just nice things, then when you get them they make life soooo much harder!

The same with the sink!  My old porcelain sink from the side of the road was carefree and no special products required.  This new stainless takes all this extra care, and special cleaner (more money).  And, LOL, I got the 60/40 and told them to put the big side on the left as I wash left to right...have almost 59 years now!  Well, upon doing dishes ONCE, I discovered that thing is ENORMOUS and takes tons of water to use.  It's a trough!  I  have been RE-LEARNING to wash dishes backward!  Wash in the little one and rinse and let dry on the rack in the big one.  And when there's lots of dishes, my old plastic rack sits right on top of the big one!  Looks funny, but works well.  OH, and when I bathe little Boo, the sides are taller than her!  I'm sure I could bathe a 3 yr. old in the big side!  :)  I do think it's pretty tho, with the racks in them.  :)

It's so alien in my kitchen now.  These things that sounded benign and nice have all turned out to be far more upkeep and all need a learning curve - the stove, the faucet, the sink, the counter!  It's crazy!  I don't know how to do ANYTHING any more!  Pretty much afraid to touch anything!  LOL!

See ya next time!

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