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The Accidental Remodel Part 12 Painting Hardware  

Welcome back to Part 12 of The Accidental Remodel!

Now that the granite was in, things started getting weird.  I had chosen soft white cabinets thinking of a light, bright, soft kitchen with color.  Maybe a soft blue.  But once the granite went in, it seemed the only thing to do was black hardware.

I had gotten all new knobs years ago and loved them.  They are called mushrooms and are heavy brass knobs, very comfortable to use.  They are still  in perfect shape, but the gold didn't seem to go any more with the stainless and black stove, black and silver fridge, black counter, stainless sink and white cabinets.

I looked locally for new hardware.  I didn't find any I liked and it was really going to be a lot of money.  I looked on line.  I found Railroad Spike Knobs by UniqueKnobs on Etsy that I LOVED, but at $7 each, it wasn't possible.  :(

So, like any good DIYer, I decided to try painting what I had.  I found an industrial gloss black spray paint and the special primer it recommended at Lowe's.  Painting them was going to be tricky.  Spray paint was definitely the way to go.  It said two coats of primer and two coats of paint.

I knew it would be important that the paint adhere well as these get LOTS of use.  I started by soaking everything in a 50/50 amonia and water solution - OUTSIDE!  Then I rinsed them thoroughly and set them to dry.  As they dried, layers of a protective coating flaked off the hinges.  Several times I cleaned them with a toothbrush to be sure it was all off.  Finally it was all gone and I felt good about my chances of the paint adhering.

The screw heads (for the hinges) needed to be painted, but not the threads.  I punched them into the top of an egg carton!  It held them nicely in place and protected the threads.  Pretty happy with this one!

I sanded the knobs till no shine was left, and, frankly, I liked that look!  The knobs would be tricky as paint would need to reach places it couldn't from sides and top.  I set them on an old window screen I keep for odd jobs like this.  This enabled spraying from all directions, including up from beneath to get the underside of the handle part.  It worked great!

Voila!  I've been using them for months now and no sign of problems.  I am very happy with them and saved a LOT of money!   Here's another before and after, this time with hardware:

Hope you drop back by for the next installment!

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