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The Accidental Remodel Part 13 Mudding  

Welcome back to Part 13 of The Accidental Remodel!

Having removed all the wallpaper that would come off, I wound up having to sand the transitions, skim coat with drywall mud and then sand, then patch, then sand, over and over and over.  This shows it with two coats of primer over the mud now.  We are astonished how bright and how much roomier the room feels now!  Is tempting to paint it white or something close!  Most of the room will be the off white cabinets.  There will be very little wall paint...all trim work, of course!   The bay will be the place the paint really shows.  I must say, my stained glass light never looked so good!

With the black and white, I suddenly had a cold, modern kitchen.  This wasn't were I was going!  I had chosen soft white cabinets thinking of a light, bright kitchen with color.  Maybe a soft blue. The only other elements left to soften and warm the room are backsplash, walls and possible fabric on the windows.

I have looked everywhere locally and not found any fabric I like for this.

DH wants 2" faux wood blinds, but with the replacement windows, we have only a bit more than 1" depth and that won't accommodate the hanging brackets for this heaver blind.   The faux wood would be fantastic as that is a veeery bright/hot place to work (my office).  I have had to put cardboard in the windows when it's bright as the plastic mini-blinds simply don't do it and I work in graphics.  But these blinds would be much heavier and wouldn't have much support due to the lack of depth.  To make it worse, when they put the replacement windows in, they added quarter round trim!  So we'd be screwing into quarter round or have to somehow remove enough from both sides at the top to mount the brackets to the flat surface.  With having just put many layers of primer and paint on them, that doesn't thrill me, and I'm concerned about that kind of activity harming the seal on the windows.  One is already leaking when it rains - the big window in the middle.

We found a place on line that sells 1 1/2" and 1" faux wood blinds.  They were supposed to send samples of blind colors, which they did, and of the brackets so we can see what would work, and they haven't.  It's been a month and we have called several times.  Still no brackets.  Fail.

I had looked up tutorials on roman shades, Swedish shades and more, but since he wants these blinds, I would only be able to do toppers to try to add color and soften the room.  In my PS mock ups, I haven't liked the look of the toppers with the blinds, especially since they would both be inside mount and the blinds would stick out from the window.  Fail.  Much indecision still.  After all, you must remember, this was an Accidental Remodel, not one that was planned!  :)

See ya next installment!

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