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The Accidental Remodel Part 16 Windows  

Welcome back to Part 16 of The Accidental Remodel!

Today is all about window treatments.  Oh how I have agonized about them since this remodel began!  The bay window is a unique challenge, especially since my "office" is tucked into it.  The exposure it gets makes it swelteringly hot and so bright that I can't see to work at the computer each afternoon.  It also has only 1" depth after replacement windows were installed years ago.

We have brainstormed all manner of options and I've spent countless hours making mockups in PhotoShop and shopping for fabric, here and on line.  We wanted 2" faux wood blinds, but didn't have the depth to be able to securely mount them and they'd stick out a lot.  We found a merchant on line that offered 1 1/2" and 1" faux wood, but after many weeks of waiting and many phone calls, we never received sample brackets to see if we could hang them.

DH decided he wanted the cheap plastic mini-blinds with roman shades over them for when extra protection was needed.  My head has been spinning trying to figure out how to do that mechanically.  I went ahead and bought the cheap plastic light filtering mini-blinds at Lowe's, but the "whites" looked gray next to my new soft white wood.  I got the same at Home Depot and the color was better.  They also had two options Lowe's didn't, room darkening and blackout in the cheap plastic mini-blinds.  The blackout was actually black.  Who could use that?

I had bought so many different shades, blinds etc. just to hold up and try, only to return, so why not try these?  Neither of us held a bit of possibility for the black blinds, but when DH held them up, they actually looked kinda fantastic in our black and white kitchen.

As of today, all four blinds are up and I've adjusted the lengths of all four too.  We were surprised to find they are made differently than our last ones 15 yrs. ago.  Sadly, they do darken and shrink the room, even when turned to the open adjustment, but they do look nice, bringing the black of the counter and hardware across the room.  When they are pulled to the top it's not an issue.  When the new wall of cabinets is in and I've painted them white, I think that will help too.  We have yet to have a sunny day to see if they will block enough sun, but we are very hopeful.  We did four windows for $83.34.  Not bad! 

It's so crazy - I set out to make this a light, bright, soft kitchen and I have just put up BLACK blinds!  Life can be so funny!

We had been leaning toward a dark taupe color for the small amount of walls that will show, but now with the degree this has darkened the room, we clearly need something very light.  As soon as the blinds went up, it seems like I need to use a color from the light stone in the backsplash for the walls.  There are many shades of yellowish/beige in the stone.  I think that will bring continuity to the room, given that the areas of paint are so disjointed by cabinetry and the fridge.  

I can't tell you what a weight it is off me to be done with the windows!  I am sad there is no fabric to soften the room, but as soon as DH put the blind up over the sink, it started feeling like a room again.  It's felt so alien in here all this time and now it's feeling more like a room!  It feels like it's coming together, finally!  Yeah!  And we have our privacy back, which is a very good thing where we live.  :)

The blinds solved the ceiling light issue too.  Our existing light (which was a Lowe's/Home Depot clearance find 15 yrs. ago) is now the glowing jewel of the room!  The black lines in the light absolutely love the black blinds!  Just FYI, when I got the light, there was one piece of the black edging missing from a bottom piece of glass.  That's why it was crazy cheap!  I just took a Sharpie marker and drew it in.  It's lasted 15 yrs. and even I have to look very hard to find it!

The blinds actually look much nicer than in the photos.

Onward we go!  I hope you come back to share the next installment of our Accidental Remodel!

UPDATE:  A review on these "blackout mini-blinds" - they do not block out all light like true blackout fabric does.  They do however block enough to perfectly solve my problem!  We are very happy with them.  To my surprise, we found that rather than closing them entirely the only direction they will close, if we turn them as far the other way as possible, they don't close, but they block much more of the problem light than fully closed!  You can still see out easily, but the problem light isn't a problem any more and it's SO MUCH COOLER!  Yeah!  Thank you Home Depot!!! At night we turn them all the way closed (the other way) and then we can't see out and no one can see in.  The only sadness is they show dust a LOT!  When we took them out of the box they showed dust!  When I dust them, they don't come clean.  But it's not a big enough issue to dampen our joy with them! The cooler temperature is WONDERFUL!  I'd happily recommend them to anyone with a similar problem. 

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