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The Accidental Remodel Part 18 Handles  

Welcome back to Part 18 of The Accidental Remodel!

If you've been following this adventure, you will remember that I repainted all my knobs and hinges and re-used them, saving a bundle.  As I looked for handles for a desk make-over for my office in the bay window, I found these beauties at Hobby Lobby.  Don't you just LOVE Hobby Lobby?!!  That and Home Goods are very happy places - mini vacations!

So anyway, they were $2.99 each on sale.  They are heavy, look very expensive and have good screws with them.  The middle bead is a subtle dark brown and black marbling.  They feel nice to use too!  They seemed too substantial for my desk remodel, so I started wondering about the cabinet drawers.  Since I'd need more of the old knobs (painted black) for the new cabinets anyway, a plan formed.  I'd use these three drawer knobs for the new cabinets and then use these pretty new handles for all the drawers and the pantry.

I did this on the MDF desk first to see how it went before my WOOD drawers.  Though the chunky old wood knobs had two holes, they weren't the right distance apart for the new handles.  I marked the locations of the new holes and drilled them, testing for fit.  It wasn't hard.  Then I used spackle to fill the old holes.  Cure, sand and paint.  It worked fine.  

I was still worried about my cabinet drawers.  They had holes for a single knob and I needed two holes for the handles.  The wood is routed into grooves right where the hole is too.  I did the same procedure with them, only gave more care to forming the spackle not just to fill the hole, but to mimic the routing.  It looks great!  Yeah!

I love the difference.  It had felt like the mushroom knobs weren't substantial enough for the new design and now it's just right.  It should look wonderful when the cabinet guy does his part and these beauties go around the room!  :)  (Hope you're still joining with me in prayer that he actually shows up someday and does what we paint him for many months ago!)

Thanks for joining me again and I hope you drop by for the next installment!  It's really looking great!

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