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The Accidental Remodel Part 19 Electrical  

Welcome back to Part 19 of The Accidental Remodel!

I knew I would have to replace the outlets and switches over the counter because of the new white cabinets, but when I got shocked on one doing the backsplash, it was no longer cosmetic.  We also need to  have one outlet moved to the bay window for my office since the new cabinets, if they ever come, will permanently block the existing one.  I also need the DSL moved from by the door to under the baby for the office too.  With the new cabinets going to the ceiling, it is no longer even possible to drape it over everything to get to my office and with all the work I'm doing to this room, how sad would that be!  We also will need an outlet over the new counter once the new cabinets are here.

I watched a lot of tutorials, took notes and dove into switching out the outlets and switches myself.  We finally got them all done and working, but DH stripped a screw and broke it off in the blue box which is tiled so closely around now that it isn't coming out.  Very not good news.  Aren't renovations fun?  :)  So, that will be one more thing for the electrician I guess.

Well, today was finally the day!  All my electrical issues and the phone jack are DONE tonight, Praise God!  The ATT man charged $95 to move the jack.  The electricians found their part to be very challenging as there is a great deal of 2x4's in a bay window.  I had the two nicest men work on this.  I pray God's blessings on them both.  What an ordeal, but they were so wonderful!  That's a phone number I'm hanging on to!  They even managed to get the screw out of the box so we didn't have to destroy my brand newly tiled backsplash to put a new one in!  :) :) :)

As a bonus, they helped me with my stained glass light.  It had never been hung right and had extra links and tons of wire showing...and was golden brown even though the detail on the stained glass is black.  I bought a kit with black chain and cord and when they took it down, I ran out and spray painted the top part black to match with the very last bits of paint from all the hardware!!!  Whooo hoo!   But, not everything can be good...with all the good things they did, they didn't measure the height for the light and DH is banging his head.  We need it shortened!  :)

Thanks for joining us on our adventure with The Accidental Remodel!  Hope to see you next time!

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