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Gift Card Box Plus A Useful Tip  

We got this box in a game at the church Christmas party a couple of years ago.  It wasn't to our taste, but it's a wooden box, so I couldn't discard it.  Today I got an idea for making it over and I love how it turned out.  Even better, it cost $0!!!

I was shopping at Marshall's about a year ago and noticed this elephant gift card.  I fell in love with it and bought the gift card and then used it to pay for my purchase, just so I could have the elephant.  He is amazing!  That started me collecting gift cards that I found truly beautiful.  I kept thinking that "someday" I'd find something to use them for.  Well, today was the day!

I thought it could look good standing up in an arrangement on the new piece of counter, if the cabinet guy eeeevvvveeerrr does what we paid him for last March.  I decided to paint the box the shade of red that I'm using as an accent in our kitchen.  I popped the seasonal panel out and removed the rope, but only a couple of the screws would come out to remove the hardware.  Some of it must be glued on too.

This is the "Useful Tip" I promised you - I really didn't want the paint to be on the cute little hardware, but I couldn't remove it.  I put my thinking cap on and ended up very carefully painting a thick layer of Vaseline on every bit of the tiny hardware, edges too, using a toothpick.  I didn't know if it would work, but after the spray paint had dried enough so I could touch the box, even though there was paint on the Vaseline, they both wiped right off with a paper napkin, easy as pie!  It did a perfect job of protecting the hardware and not interfering with the wood taking the paint.

Six gift cards fit it perfectly!  I painted the seasonal panel black as the gift cards have rounded edges and the tiniest bit showed through when I laid the gift cards out on it.  It turned out that once I had assembled it again, the frame hid the edges, so I wouldn't have had to paint it, but I for one feel better knowing that design is gone forever! 

After the black paint on the panel was dry, I put a strip of double sided tape down the middle of the length of it to secure the cards.  They only needed a temporary hold until they were snug between the frame and the panel.  I arranged the cards on the panel and just pressed it into the frame.  Replace the rope and voila!  I think it's a very fresh and unusual look and I finally get to see my elephant out and about the house!  :)  Isn't he gorgeous?  And what fun that two things I've been saving, sure that one day I'd find a use for them, have finally come together in a colorful and happy project!  And it was so quick and easy!  Each of these cards is a happy memory for me.  I wish I'd had room for more cards!

Another fun things is that since I love Christmas decorations, I could easily change these cards out for Christmas store cards for the holiday!  Yeah!

If you are following along on the kitchen remodel, I plan to share the final look when it's all done and we'll see if this pretty box ends up in there or not!  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you join me for the rest of The Accidental Remodel!

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