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My Looking Glass Project  

Today's my birthday and I have such a fun project for you!

I've seen so many wonderful projects on line done with Krylon's Looking Glass spray paint.  I have been so excited to try one of my own.  I actually bought the paint over a year ago and have just been waiting for my own special idea, and today was the day!  Though I'm in the midst of The Accidental Remodel, today there was nothing I could do on it and I got an idea of something I could this on.

I love re-purposing things.  We went through a few years where we couldn't keep a microwave for more than a year.  It was horrid and so expensive and wasteful.  On the last one, I saved the glass turntable tray.  There are so many uses for a large, sturdy round piece of glass with a lip on it and they are expensive to buy.  I felt sure one day I would have an idea for how to re-purpose it.

I did the faux mercury glass treatment on the back of it.  I did many light coats of the paint along with sprays of 50/50 vinegar and water that I'd then wipe and blot off gently.  I even used a scratchy pad at one point and love what it added to the finish.   My favorite part is where the underneath was very textured.  It sparkles like diamonds while the flat parts are partly transparent and mottled and scratched.

I love how this turned out so different from others I've seen.  Love this product!  This would be pretty standing vertical on a shelf or counter or as a base for a large pillar candle.  You could use it to serve appetizers or deserts on, as the paint is only on the back.  Maybe with a stack of old books on it sprinkled with acorns and pine cones.  Isn't that gorgeous, even though it's difficult to photograph!

If you haven't gotten to try this paint, I hope you dive in and have a ball too! 

Don't forget to stop by for the next installment of The Accidental Remodel!  The posts are behind where I actually am and it's starting to take our breath away! 

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