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The Accidental Remodel Part 20 Desk  

Welcome back to Part 20 of The Accidental Remodel!

As we wait for the cabinet guy to do his part, I turned my attention to my computer table in the bay window.  I love this desk.  I got it from Sam's Club at least 21 yrs. ago and it's served me well.  It folds flat and there's a section that allows me to set my keyboard lower than the rest of the table.  The older computers were so heavy that we had taken heavy rope and tied the two legs together to keep the table from bowing.  As I said, I love this table, but now that the rest of the room is looking so much nicer, well...

I thought of spray painting it black.  I thought that might make it co-ordinate with the rest of the countertops and hardware.  But all the cords and the black power-strip would still show and look so messy against the newly painted walls and trim.  Then I thought that would make the bay even darker and wondered how it would look if I made just the top black and tried to paint the legs to match my trim color.  But the mess would still be so obvious.

So, I did what so may other bloggers have done - I shopped my house!  I had an old MDF desk I'd bought at a yard sale about 16 years ago.  The trim was broken off and one side was plywood, but at that time we were starting over with nothing and it was affordable and serviceable and I bought it.

I drug it into the bay to see if it would fit and try it out with the computer in mind.  Everyone cringed and hated it, but I thought it might work, so out came the primer and paint!  I bought little L brackets to replace the broken plastic ones and put the trim back on, fixed the drawer and painted it to match the cabinets and trim.  We are starting to think it might look very nice when the new wall of cabinets are in and painted! 

The handles were a problem though.  There was 3 1/2" between the holes for the ugly chunky wood handles I threw out.  I needed to stay black to make them work with the rest of the hardware in the kitchen.  I now know I can spray paint them with success, as we've been living with the knobs and hinges I painted for several months now and they are still perfect!  But I didn't want to if I don't have to.

There wasn't anything at our Lowe's or Home Depot.  I have looked on line, but comfort is important to me and I'd really rather be able to try them out in person.  I ended up picking these unusual shaped and very comfie handles from Lowe's, even though the distance between holes didn't match.  They were a gorgeous brushed nickle, but of course, I had to paint them black.  I was anxious because I would have to drill new holes for them to work, so there'd be no turning back.  Nervous!!!

I marked where the new holes would go, drilled then tested the fit.  I filled the old holes with spackle, cured, sanded and painted.  It isn't even noticable.  I think they are just what the doctor ordered!  Doing them first gave me the courage to attack my cabinet drawers and change the single knobs to absolutely gorgeous handles with two holes from Hobby Lobby.  Even though the drawers had routed lines through the old holes, you don't even see where they were!  :)

My favorite part of having the desk in place is how the blackout mini-blinds cast amazing shadows on EVERYTHING!  I was going to wait the full seven days for the paint to have "maximum strength" like the can said, before putting anything on it, but with the electricians today, it was unavoidable, so with five days to cure, I'm working at the new desk for the first time tonight.  :)  All my mess is finally out of sight!  Sadly, my printer and video transfer equipment doesn't fit though without making my monitor way off to the side from where I have to sit.  So, they will have to sit sideways on one side when I'm going full swing again, but, for now it's oh so pretty!!! 

See ya for the next installment!

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