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The Accidental Remodel Part 21 Waiting  

Welcome back to Part 21 of The Accidental Remodel!

Wow!  At this point there is nothing left for me to do but wait for the cabinet guy.  The only thing I do need to do is repaint the walls (remember the "flat" debachel?), but experience has taught me I'd be smarter to wait till the cabinets are in and skip the touch up.  We'll see if I can just "wait" until/if the cabinet guy actually does what we paid him for in March.  I might end up painting out of sheer frustration!

At midnight last night I got up, unloaded the MDF pantry and moved it out of the way, then reloaded it.  This morning I removed all my work things and mopped the floor.  At least it's less crowded now!  The black tape on the floor is where the pantry and cabinets are to go (I hope, I hope, I hope!).  It's actually been helpful in many ways to have that tape there for my planning.  So, here's where we are now!

And just to remind you, this is where we began:

We are so ready to be done and return to normal life after so many months!  After the cabinet guy does his work I still have to prime and paint (many coats) the new cabinets, get another piece of granite countertop and have it installed (praying it goes well this time), try to remember how I tiled the backsplash and do it again, then repaint the walls with a NOT flat paint!  :)  We've come a long way, but a long way still to go.  My husband is in love with the change and that's so nice.   Come cabinet man and do your part!  Please!

See you for the next installment, which I HOPE will be SOON!  :)

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