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The Accidental Remodel Part 22 Shelves & Baskets  

Welcome back to Part 22 of The Accidental Remodel!

I've been working on this part of the remodel ever since it began in March.  It's proven veeeeery challenging!  LOTS of shopping!  Ok, here's the deal, we have an old kitchen, the kind with the panels that do nothing above the cabinets.  My plan was to knock the panels out and make them into shelves. I originally I planned all matching woven baskets in all the shelf openings.  That proved to have two problems as time went on.  One was that as the remodel progressed, it was turning into a very cold and modern room, and that wasn't want I wanted.  The "all matching" containers in the shelves would only further that dynamic.  The other problem was MATH!

Clearly, the dimensions of the shelf openings are limitations.   I need containers less than 9" tall, less than 11" deep (from the front of the cabinets to the wall), and each section is a different length.  Because of the varying lengths to fill, "all matching" was out.

I knew that putting containers above all the cabinets would be pricey at best and I need to keep the price down.  I also didn't want dust being a problem as I hope to put my Christmas decorations in the containers.  No more attic - yeah!  And only a step-ladder twice a year (once to get them down and once to put them back).  So, covered containers sound great.

Some space between containers is fine, but too much looks horrid.  It's a puzzel of styles, shapes, colors and sizes.  Since I don't have the shelves yet, I can't try them out and shuffle till it's right.  So, I took masking tape and measured it out on the floor for each section.  That enabled me to "test" layouts on the floor in front of each section of cabinets.  I also took photos them and PhotoShopped them into photos of the remodel in progress to give us an idea of how it might look.   

One problem I ran into right away was that the discount places I shop locally only get a couple of any one style at a time, and when they are gone, they're gone.  Another problem is that most are being sold in nesting sizes.  I need all close to 9" tall and no deeper than 11".  That didn't work.  I realized that to get matching containers in the volume I need, I'd have to order somewhere.  Nothing at Target or Walmart.  When I googled on line, I still couldn't find what I needed and oh the prices!

I started really trying to open up to alternatives as Plan A wasn't working.  Ok, the basic objectives were size, price and covered - hopefully.  I looked into canvas bins, baskets, the boxes and chests in stationary departments.  I even looked into cardboard boxes I could cover with scrapbooking paper, but couldn't find the right sizes.

Since the shelves haven't actually been made yet, I need to be careful to buy only returnable local items.  Since it's a buy it or loose it deal at Home Goods, I have bought now and am saving receipts.  You can only get a store credit after 30 days, and since cabinet man hasn't set any date, I am expecting a sizable store credit if/when he actually does what we paid him for.

The first thing found that might work was large boxes in the stationary department.  There weren't enough of the right size that would match, and in fact were hideous.  That meant not just the cost of buying them, but then products to alter them for the room.

I came up with an idea.  I had wanted to print my favorite black and white images (mostly ones my daughter has taken; she's so gifted!) and put them in a row of square black frames of the overhang above my bay window.  DH nixed that, so it occurred to me that I could design the sides of the boxes in PS, print and attach them and I could still have my b/w pics!  I experimented spray painting one of the boxes, as I'd need them all black so the edges would show black and all match.  After several coats of paint, it held up pretty well.  Then I spent many, many hours converting my favorite images to b/w works of art and then designing the four sides of eleven boxes to print.  I took the graphics for the first box to Sam's to print as a poster, then cut apart and apply.  Their equipment was broken.  As I could go no further, I decided to do a mockup of how they would look in the room.  I was so excited.  I thought it would look fantastic.  Sadly, it made the room all the more "modern" and to me, colder.  :(  Plan B scrapped too.

At this point, I have ended up buying an assortment of chests, boxes and baskets.  I like the sizes and shapes of the chests, but they are all drab and dingy.  They kind of go with the backsplash, but I wanted COLOR and LIGHT.  I have pondered the idea of recovering them, but with chests with studded seams and installed latches...

So we shall see what we shall see!  Thanks for dropping by and I hope you'll join me for the next step in our Accidental Remodel!

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