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The Accidental Remodel Part 24 Finally Something Good!  

Welcome back to Part 24 of The Accidental Remodel!

If you have been following this remodel, you will remember that our granite fabricator left us with completely dull edges.  After much effort and research I learned that a company must own some kind of a water tool to get the famous shiny edges we all know as granite.  I learned that my fabricator doesn't have that tool and must have had someone else make his showroom countertops.

We opted not to continue with this fabricator for the small countertop we would need after the cabinets were in.  He kept our slab.  All these many months waiting for the cabinetman to finally do his part, I have been aware that this small countertop would be a problem.  Such a small job wouldn't interest most fabricators, and also, given it was a small piece now instead of the entire kitchen, there would be no motivation to give us a good price. 

After the horrid cabinets were put in on Monday, I took a day to cope with the carnage there.  Then on Wednesday I started calling fabricators.  Our granite is Verde Butterfly, a bottom price range builder grade granite.  It was everywhere when we started the kitchen.  Wednesday, calling five fabricators, no one had any and I was told that we would have to pay for an entire slab, and only the 40" of counter would belong to us, the entire rest of the slab would be theirs.  Almost $900!  Not good.

The first place I had gotten an estimate in the beginning with the kitchen was where I intended to use.  DH wanted a second estimate.  Normally I am all about price shopping, but some how I felt very good about the first place and wanted to use them.  We went to another fabricator and were given a much higher estimate without them even coming to the house.  Then driving, we passed another place and stopped.  The counters in the showroom were fine.  The owner was personable and insisted he'd done all manner of important jobs in our area.  No we didn't check.  We had no idea one could have dull granite, so who knew to check?  His price was just a little better than the first one and he decided to go with them.  I liked the sink racks and granite turntable they were throwing in.   Needless to say, after the installation, we never got the turntable.

I was uncomfortable contacting the first company for my new smaller need as we hadn't used them.  But I was running out of options.  I was treated nicely on the phone and he was at my house immediately.  He was professional and said he thought they had a remnant just the right size and could put it in Friday (today).  There's a shock after waiting five months for what's turned out to be terrible quality cabinets.  I met him at the store and sure enough, it was almost exactly our size.  It wasn't as pretty a stone as the slab I chose, but at least it's close enough not to clash.  Given my experience, I asked to see the fabricating area and we swept dust from a couple of edges and behold THEY SHINE!  Deal!

He said he'd noticed our granite and assumed it was extremely old and not well taken care of.  Nope, brand new.   Though I had been told by all back when the bad granite was put in that it wasn't possible to fix the edges in our home and would break to remove it, I asked this man too.  He said they wrongly split our counter in the middle of the sink, thus guaranteeing that the slab would break if we try to remove it to be taken to a fabricator to fix.  The original fabricator had insisted that we break it in the middle of the sink.  :(  This man said all that might help a little was to use Turtle Wax and steel wool to buff it out.  We have now tried two layers of it and any improvement is so minimal that I don't really see it.

So, yesterday, Thursday, I got a call mid-day asking if I could be home in 30 minutes.  The counter was done and he could install right away!  Yes, the only thing we paid others to do in this entire make over and they actually did what they were supposed to was this 40" counter.  Breaks my heart that we didn't use them in the beginning like I planned.  We would have all proper shiny counters.  At least I have one tiny piece that shines.  The dull edges of the other are so gray that the stone doesn't show at all and the edge is what I see mostly.  DH is very tall and sees the tops and has had no trouble with the counters.  Now he sees how it should have been and has finally acknowledged my case.

So Monday the horrid quality cabinets that were not made to our specs in any respect finally came and Thursday the new counter was put in.  After so long waiting it seems shocking that it's physically here.  I had another carpenter estimate fixing some of the major problems with the new cabinets yesterday.  Still waiting his price, not that we have any way to pay him after all this.  We do need the crown molding to be put up as the bad cabinetman tore down all our pretty white molding in preparation, then left us undone, even though we'd paid for it. 

I long to get started trying to repair the new cabinets so I can start that it will be DONE and kitchen things can finally be out of the rest of the house.   DH is over the top about that.  But...after all I did with the remodel earlier, I developed some serious troubles in my hands and the doctor has forbidden me to use them for another month minimum.  GRrrrrrrrrr!   I want to make progress!  I'm a dooer!  Sigh, time to keep with God's lesson on patience and forgiveness that I've been in for five months.  Apparently I haven't grown as much as He wishes yet, cause it still just keeps coming.  I'm SO glad that His Word promises that He won't allow more on us than we can bear with His help!!!!  I couldn't stand my load (not just remodeling) without it.  I cling to it and snuggle up with it and rest in this promise.  He is faithful and true though all men be proven liars.  It's in His Word and as His servant, I believe it.  And look, He just gave me a piece of this job that went right!  It's like a ray of sunshine He's sent me straight from heaven!

And for those of you faithfully following this less than great journey, I am confident that when all is repaired, one way or another, the change will be very impressive.  I hope you will drop back by for the next installment.  I am so blessed by every one of you that come!  Thanks and have a great day!

UPDATE:  The carpenter's estimate to fix the new cabinets and put up the crown molding is veeeery high.  We won't be able to get any help with this mess.  I'm a week into my month long treatment on my hands and there is no improvement, so I'm likely looking at three more surgeries and their healing before I can start trying to "fix" the cabinetry to the best of my ability and get them painted and finally move things into them and have the house return to normal.  SO HARD not being able to start. 

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