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The Accidental Remodel Part 25 Crown Molding  

Welcome back to Part 25 of The Accidental Remodel!

Hi again!  So, you know about the cabinet disaster and leaving us without all the work done.  That included the crown molding we had paid for.  DH put it up this week, and that's a huge YEAH!  However, being new at this and having horrid equipment, we ended up with the need for some "creative artwork" on it.  I have been using spackle to patch nail holes and other damage, shaping and sanding to replace what once was there and it looks like new!  I have also been creating the mitered joints with layers of spackle, drying in between, and sanding till it looks just like wood mitered corners!  Once it's all primed and painted, no one will know that we had 1/2" wonky gaps where miters were supposed to be and other interesting things going on!  It looks better with each step!  When you get lemons, make lemonade!!!  After all, necessity is the mother of invention!  I am so grateful it's finally up!!!  WoooHooo!

The hardest part was more collateral damage from the horrid job the cabinet man did.  The pantry and new upper cabinets were to be the same depth, but he made the upper cabinets just slightly less deep, thus causing two more mitered cuts and teeninsey ones at that!  But Praise God, it's done!

I also used paintable caulk to try to mask some of the horrid gaps in the cabinetry itself.

Yes, I know you can still see the original wall paper behind the fridge, but until someone moves the fridge for me, there's nothing I can do about it.  My arms aren't long enough to even paint over it!

Stop back by for the next installment of our Accidental Remodel where I try my new spray painter out and have a great day!

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