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The Accidental Remodel Part 26 - Spray Painter  

Welcome back to Part 26 of The Accidental Remodel!

I have been so excited to try out my first ever spray painter!  I have been so wishing I had had it when this project first began.  I read out this particular model on another blog.  It listed for $89 plus tax and shipping.  I found it on Amazon, new in the box and paid a whopping $11.57 TOTAL with free shipping!  As I was checking out, Amazon offered me $50 off to  sign up for their credit card, and that brought it all the way down to just $11.57!  Amazing!

I have been thinking that the spray painter would be such a blessing in painting those new shelves over my old cabinets where the panels were removed and shelves put in.  One of the openings was white and the others were brown with white ceiling showing.  I needed to make them all match and have been hoping it would brighten the area to have them white. 

So, I studied the manual.  It took me a full hour to thin the primer properly.  It made quite a mess doing so as it required several items.  There has to be a better system than I used...and that goes for my attempts at cleaning it after use too!  There was another hour or more!

The first bit of reality that hit me in the face was that it says to spray 4-10" from the surface.  I have 11" deep openings for these areas and the sprayer is too big to fit in.  You can't tip more than 45" either way.  Yep, results were not good.  I also had envisioned painting the brown wood and ceiling that show at the tops inside the openings and the shelves.  Hmmm...not fitting, too far away and too great an angle.

The second BIG issue I encountered was BLOWBACK!  Literally!  I hadn't anticipated that.  The sprayer sprays by powerful air currents.  Sprayed into those boxed openings, it all blew back on me and I do mean powerfully!  My readers were painted.  My hair...oh my hair!  Even with it braided down the back to be out of the way, oh you should see me now!  I am not looking forward to trying to get it out.  I'm crunchy!  And the air!  It was all paint mist!  I finally found the mask I'd bought and some old goggles to put over the readers...and still they got painty!

Another shocker was that the air was so powerful that all the plastic drop cloths I had set up where blowing everywhere and not doing their job.  SO much clean up!  Note for tomorrow...TAPE them in place!   It turns out that I need to cover things on the other side of the room it traveled so far!  But I don't have enough of them to do it.

It suggested practicing on flow and such before starting to paint.  I didn't have anything but the cement planters out back, so I practiced with the water on them beforehand.  Clearly I didn't get it right because with the problems trying to paint inside the shelf openings and trying to paint the insides entirely, I have ended up getting PRIMER on cabinets that were done months ago!  :( 

Another thing that raised the stress level was that it said not to let it sit more than 30 min. without use or cleaning the unit.  It turns out that they didn't give directions as to HOW to disassemble it.  It took me over an hour to try to scrub the sprayer and it's still not clean :(.  There are two filters in it that they say to clean ever 50 gallons or something huge.  Well, both of them were full of paint from the blow back and the motor was HOT for almost an hour, even disassembled!  Even with three different brushes and scrubbies...and a paperclip for areas I couldn't reach, I couldn't get it all clean and I hate that.  :(

You might remember that I had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands last Christmas and have a 2 yr. recovery period.  After doing all the work I did on the kitchen this spring (waiting for the cabinet villan), I developed more hand troubles.  I had one two years ago.  They say over use and Rheumatoid arthritis are linked to them.  Goody, I had both, so after working on the kitchen, I had three more trigger fingers.  For the first one, the surgeon did a "needle surgery" in the office, severing the tendon.  It healed just fine.  This time they are insisting they don't do that any more and I need three more surgeries.  I have been told not to use my hands this last month or so and am on some meds for it that are risky for other conditions I have.  When they said I would have to have the full surgeries, I decided to just try to get the kitchen done as best I can.  LOL, it's really PAINFUL and almost impossible, but I'm really hoping to finally get it done.  Was praying the sprayer would help.  LOL not today!  What I experienced today would have been much better OUTSIDE!  :)  What a mess!

So, as of tonight, I have one questionable layer of primer on the new shelves and arch.  I'm not sure whether I'm going to try to use it again tomorrow or not (on the same areas).  It was SO MUCH WORK just to clean up and so painful to do it, that I'm just not sure it was better than a brush.  And I couldn't get the paint everywhere it needed to go.  I shall rest on it and see!  That is after I clean it all up and make DH his breakfast and lunch for tomorrow!  Yech!

Hope you stop by for the next exciting, LOL, installment as I crawl toward completing this hysterical Accidental Remodel!  :)

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