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The Accidental Remodel Part 27 - Almost done!  

Welcome back to Part 27 of The Accidental Remodel!

What a journey this has been!  Seven months since we began!  The end is in sight now and boy am I glad!

When I finished repairing, sanding and painting all the new stuff the cabinet man stuck us with as best I could, I discovered yet more yuck he left us.  I got stabbed putting liner in a drawer and found he'd used screws that were too long and went all the way through to the inside.  He built knowing it would all be painted.  They screwed every screw in at horrid angles that stick out very ugly and hurt you when you try to use the cabinets and drawers.  They also tightened every screw to the point of stripping, so getting the doors off to paint was not good and we've had to buy new hinges to replace, yes, the new hinges, since Lowes and Home Depot don't sell replacement little black screws to fit them.  We also had to buy special tools to remove stripped screws.  Then, when the paint had cured seven days (per the can for maximum strength), the doors didn't fit back in the cabinets.  There were myriads of ways they had done the doors and drawers wrong to start with and I'll spare you all that, but even after all the work we did to fix the new stuff, they wouldn't close.  We are still working on them.  We got the worst drawer to open some of the time, but there is a screw they put in very crooked and DH can't seem to fix, so it stops catching with the drawer about 3" open.

My final opinion about the spray painter is that I'm glad I got it because we were able to paint our dingy ceiling of crumbling popcorn.  It couldn't have been done any other way and OH MY what a wonderful difference!  Other than that, it was tons more work, nightmare clean up of the machine, and even with everything draped and masked, there was white paint powder on EVERYTHING in the house, so TONS of other clean up too.  After two or three days of messing with it, I went back to the brush and instantly started having good results!  Nice finishes.  So, the sprayer and I aren't the friends I expected to be!

The final story on the baskets and chests on the new shelves where we removed the panels above the old cabinets is a happy one after MONTHS of effort.  I got them all from my beloved Home Goods which is about to celebrate one year of being here.  I'd never heard of them before they opened and my was it love at first sight!  Sigh.  A truly happy place to browse!   I had a lot of area to fill and with lots of finicky issues to work around and in the end, are you ready?  I paid $202.84 for what would have been $525 or more at another store!  That's almost $300 saved!  (No, I have not received any compensation from any company, I'm just telling you my experiences.)  I had been sad they looked dingy, but once I got that entire area painted creamy Mascarpone white, they are PERFECT for the backsplash I tiled and the countertops!!!  When I put away Christmas this year, I will sort everything into these chests and write myself a key for the future.  Being American, we read left to right, so I am numbering the baskets the same way.  The basket farthest left is #1 and I'll write what's in it and so on so I'll always be able to directly grab what I want and not waste time and trips up the ladder!  I had originally planned them to all match and I'd put numbers right on the containers, but the way it turned out, I think I'll just write the key and attach it inside a cabinet door.  :)

Repainting the walls with the satin version of Yosemite Sand (covering the failed flat coat) really made all the white trim pop, especially the crown molding!  In many lights it just looks like a darker shadow, in others you can really see the lovely soft sandy beige color. 

We are still loving our blackout mini-blinds from Home Depot.  They really add a lovely style element while fully handling our unique light/heat problem in the bay window.  Again, no company has in any way helped us with this remodel, I'm just telling you what we think!

I waited the seven days to fully cure the paint before moving into the new cabinets.  They still want to stick to things, so I ended up buying tons of white shelf liner so I wouldn't have to always mess with the sticking and it wouldn't hurt the paint, which is funny to spend more money to protect, as now I can't see it!!!!  Oh...all that work on the cabinets, now hidden!  LOL!

There are only two more posts in the Accidental Remodel, one on remodeling our old MDF microwave cart and the last where we make and install plate racks.  The big reveal will be on the last post, so I hope you will will come back!  Have a great day!

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