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The Accidental Remodel Part 28 - Microwave Stand Re-make  

Welcome back to Part 28 of The Accidental Remodel!

So what's next?  I wanted an island, but knew there probably wasn't room in our tiny kitchen.  Also, since the floor is so slanted, I knew that an island/cart would look horrid, totally showing the unevenness.  I liked the idea of being able to move it to where I needed it whether crafting or cooking.  I longed for something heat resistant and a durable work surface.  I looked at a lot of islands on line.  Dreamed.  Fell in love.  Sighed.  Then shopped my house.

Seventeen years ago we built our microwave cart from a kit.  You know, the white MDF build-it-yourself kind.  It has held up just as perfectly as the cabinet (same kind) that we built and used as a pantry.  Actually, I wish the cabinets and pantry we paid the cabinet man to build us were a fraction as good and worked as well.  The effortless use of my old MDF friends is gone and I've taken a huge step backward, thanks to the bad cabinet guy who ripped us off.  :(  But I digress.  The cart was against the "empty" wall before the remodel.  I had used things under the low side to level it, but it also couldn't move that way. 

I really do love my old microwave cart and pantry.  I decided to make the old cart into our "island".  It can be moved as desired and then "parked" back against the side of the fridge where the floor isn't an issue.

I removed the upper parts of the cart which left a flat work surface.  I plugged the assembly holes it left exposed.  It shrank each time, so I just kept refilling and letting it cure.  In the end, I sanded them and the entire top and you can't even see where they were!

It was white, but not the creamy Mascarpone white that the kitchen now is, so I painted it.  I gave it the updated hardware that I had spray painted black seven months ago to match the rest of the room.

I've got to tell you that that spray paint is amazing!  It goes on like a dream and has held up to seven months of use without any sign of wear at all!  Check that post here for directions and the products I used.

I wanted to paint the top of the cart/island glossy black to co-ordinate with my Verde Butterfly granite countertops which look black.  It was a no-brainer that I would use the same amazing paint on this surface that I know will see a lot of use.  I put two coats on just to be sure and it's GORGEOUS!  It's like a black mirror!  Since I'll probably have to put my printer and VHS to DVD transfer machine up there, I was concerned they might hurt the lovely new surface.  My daughter came up with the fantastic idea of getting a piece of glass cut to fit the top and so make it truly a carefree work surface.  I plan to do just that! 

I also plan to put a dish towel rack on the side of the cart, but I haven't found one yet.  All I have found so far is bath towel racks and they are far too large and bulky for dish towels.

I forgot to take a before picture starting it's make-over, but you can see it in the bottom right corner of this collage.

Now it looks like this!
Isn't it gorgeous?  And it cost me only paint I already had!  Sweet!

I may add the fancy handle to the drawer to match my other drawers in the future, but I've been at this for seven months now and this is fine for now!

Be sure to come by for the last installment of the Accidental Remodel with the big reveal!  Yeah!

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