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The Accidental Remodel Part 30 - IT'S FINISHED!  

Welcome to Part 30, the LAST post of The Accidental Remodel!

So exciting!  It's finally DONE!  Seven long months fraught with many, MANY misadventures and now it's done!  Hard to register!  Finally all the kitchen stuff is back in the kitchen and not in every room of the house!  Ahhhhh!  It feels deliciously empty in the rest of the house now.  So happy!

This seems a fitting post to celebrate another large accomplishment - this blog's fifth anniversary!  It was actually a month ago, but I've been so busy with the kitchen that I didn't mention it.  Most of these years I made and gave away a digital scrapbooking freebie accompanied by an encouraging message from my heart EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Like I said, it was a full time job.  I eventually started gathering the freebies into kits and offer them for sale in my store here and here to help support the blog.  Then, my work at our little church became a full time volunteer work of love and I wasn't able to post daily any more.  Last year was filled with eight surgeries and tons more yuckie medical stuff and I didn't get to post much, LOL and it wouldn't have been very "encouraging" if I had!  This year has predominantly been the Accidental Remodel and other DIY projects.  So, this little home in the web has undergone changes over the years, but I'm still here and so appreciating every one of you that drops by!  I plan to return to making freebies soon, so I hope all my old friends will come back, and some new ones!    

Now back to the final reveal!!!  I'm so sad I don't have any before pictures of the "empty" wall that now has new cabinets, but it was so bad that I never took pictures there and remember, this was an Accidental Remodel, so it's not like I knew to take pictures for the blog before it began!  It just started with replacing the stove, then one thing lead to another and before I knew it, it was a HUGE deal and I didn't have before pictures of that wall.  Here's before...complete with lots of cardboard shelves, painted counters and wallpaper, gaping dishwasher opening and cardboard in windows...  (I just LOVE before and after shots!)

You WON'T believe the change!!!  And now for the after... drum roll please!

Disclaimer - we received no help from any company so, any names I mention are just for your information.

The stove from Lowe's is still gorgeous seven months later.  It feels like yesterday I was screwing up my courage to do my first tiling and wondering if I could do a good job!  God bless the men in the tile department at Lowe's for all their help and the confidence they gave me!  It turned out beautifully except where the cabinet guy cut the stove opening (in the lower cabinets) and didn't center it under the opening in the upper cabinets.  There is forever a 1/2" unhappiness where the darker stove tiles accentuate the misalignment against the lighter stone, but in all, the tile is lovely and warm.   

The gorgeous red cast iron dutch oven was from Kroger for under $17 couple of years ago!!!!!  The paint on all the cabinet hardware still looks new and I'm SO HAPPY we replaced the hood vent with a black one, even though the old was was working fine.  It, the sink and faucet went to Habitat For Humanity, a wonderful organization and place to shop (at their Restore).  The antique round table went to a Veteran's organization.  I adore the drawer handles from Hobby Lobby for only $2.99 each!  God bless that store in their struggle.

I intended to tile the area behind the new little counter once it was installed, but while waiting for the cabinets,  I learned that pretty much only white items show up well against the tiles.  I wanted to be able to merchandise the little counter more freely, so I just painted it Yosemite Sand to match the walls.  It's not like I'll be making a mess in that area, so it should be fine and I have my little area to decorate!

I don't love that from some angles you can see the black Target garbage can right of the desk, but it's perfect for "hiding" the huge power strip and all the cords for the computer.  I collected all the cords with a twister tie behind the desk and hung the twister over a tack I put on the back of the desk.  That keeps ALL the cords from showing!  Yeah!  Just one cord goes to the new outlet and the phone cord to the new jack. 

I absolutely ADORE this Price Pfsiter Elite faucet my oldest daughter gave us!  The sprayer pulls out of the end and has changed Boo's bath-time from a terrified battle with her into a perfectly calm and happy event.  We're done in no time now!  And yes, a 4 1/2 lb. dog can still struggle, and you worry about breaking her!  It's so cute, when she's standing in the little right side of the sink, only her ears are above the counter!  With the gentle sprayer, I don't even need to draw water for her bath.  It's all spray easily going wherever I need it!

Due to the stress of using the sprayer, it does need to be tightened with an allen wrench from time to time, but it's so worth it.   (Yes, even holding the unit with one hand as you pull the sprayer out with the other it still loosens).

I LOVE the racks in them that allow me to wash a few things and just sent them in the other side to dry out of sight.  And they look so pretty and expensive!  Though the sinks are enormous, I like them now.  I wash in the little one and my old dish rack fits perfectly atop the big one for when I have more than a few dishes, then away out of sight under the sink it goes!  It's funny how once the counters and sink were installed, we no longer feel we can have dirty dishes or mess left there.  It's just too pretty!  So I keep it clean almost all the time.

Not only are these Home Depot black-out mini-blinds PERFECT for our special sun and heat needs and they add a delicious style to the room, but the serendipity is the most stunning shadows that creep across the room every day as the sun moves toward bed!  We often point them out to each other and go look together!  And when we want it very light in the room, we just pull them all the way up.  It's wonderful!  

I still love the new handles on the desk.  They are so comfortable and fit my hands perfectly.  I got them from Lowe's and painted them black with my new favorite spray paint (also from Lowe's) that I feature on the post about painting the hardware.  Actually, this week, I used it to to give new life to our old K-Mart patio table and now it matches our cast iron chairs too!  So pretty!  We got the chairs from Sam's for $25, but they are still $40 each at Lowe's.  We hope Sam's will get them back next year and we can get two more.  LOVE the paint!  I even painted the plastic water filled umbrella holder and it's sticking fine!  


That gorgeous red footed dish on the counter was a birthday present from my girls last month!  I LOVE IT!  There's just something about it that makes me want to run my finger around the top every time I'm near it!  It's just one of those happy things!  Doesn't my old microwave look great now with all the white around it???

I still can't believe that after 17 years, there isn't a gaping hole where the dead dishwasher was when we bought the house!!  LOL, now if we could just get the drawer and doors to work properly!  

I used to have these sunflowers in my Bible Class to brighten the room.   Now they are sitting in coffee beans!  Don't you just love the endless possibilities for vase fillers?  The funky canvas on the side of the fridge is actually a gorgeous BW design I did of my girl's, but I don't like displaying them on line, so I distorted it here.  LOL, I didn't want you thinking that was my idea of art!  Oh how I love my updated microwave cart (under the flowers)!  It matches the kitchen perfectly and the glass on top makes it carefree to use.  I'm so grateful for the additional storage and counter surface.

Painting the ceiling made SUCH a difference!  We could never have done it without the sprayer!  It was in such bad shape and so fragile and crumbling.  Now it's just gorgeous!   The walls aren't greenish like it looks here, but Yosemite Sand, and all the white is a deliciously creamy white called Mascarpone.  Both are Benjamin Moore paint colors, but I prefer Behr, so they color matched at Home Depot.  The matches are distressingly off, but once I got over that, they really are lovely colors on their own.  I love that the white is soft and makes you want to touch it all the time.  It does, however, show soil just like you'd expect any white to.  Apparently my husband's coffee creates steam that condenses in brown drips EVERYWHERE.  But I'm keeping a close eye out and it wipes off effortlessly since I used the high gloss.  

See all the lovely baskets, crates and chests from Home Goods in the new shelves?  They are all just waiting till Christmas decorations come down this year to be filled.  How nice!  I'm still so impressed at the savings buying them at Home Goods!  And so glad I'm done searching for the right combination to fit!!  :)  What a puzzle that was!  I've thrown out the papers with dimensions that I've been carrying in my purse all these months.  Can't quite put away the tape measure I've carried with me just yet though! 

The crown molding looks so small here that you'd hardly notice it, but it was the largest that would fit.  In person it is noticeable and made SUCH a wonderful difference in the room!  So grateful and happy! 


I love how my old MDF microwave cart has transformed into another work area - but on wheels to go wherever I need it!  Instant island!  It's so pretty and it will be even nicer when I change the drawer pull to the handle that matches the rest of the cabinet drawers.  They are awesome!  So heavy and sturdy and such a great price from Hobby Lobby!  Only $3 a piece on 40% off sale.  They are so sturdy and comfortable and I just adore them!  My daughter bought us glass to put on top to make it a carefree surface, and it's AWESOME!

This picture makes me happy because the weather is so nice I have my windows and doors open!!!!  The sunshine and fresh air is pouring in!  Good day sunshine!  My favorite time of year is any time when I can have the house open.  I just adore it!  I love hearing the birds singing in the yard... :)   

Ahhh, the jewel of the room!  I had always wanted a stained glass light and I ended up with one for almost nothing!  I loved this light 17 years ago when I found it in a clearance pile at Home Depot.  There was one little section of black trim missing.  I just drew it in with a sharpie marker and no one has ever noticed.  It's as gorgeous today as then! 

For a while in the remodel, it looked like it wouldn't go with the new room and it was sad.  (DH had originally wanted Tuscan colors).  But the way the room turned out, you can see it's finally in a setting that does it justice!  It is just STUNNING both on and off against the creamy whites and soft tan walls and goes perfectly with the black counters, hardware and blinds!  I'm SO GLAD I painted it's hardware black too.  It's just oh so lovely!  :)  Hmmm, wish I'd turned the light on for this picture!  None of these pictures do it justice.   :(

I'm still getting used to having the things I need handy as I work in my office.  The old computer table was just that, a table.  This has DRAWERS!!!!  It's SO HANDY!  The one on the left is even a file drawer!  Hallelujah!  I no longer have to run from one end of the house to the other to do my family paperwork (this desk was in the bedroom, and ugly!).  I have drawers and it's all right here!  My office area is wonderful now.  No more cardboard in the windows to block sun (thank you God for the blackout blinds).  No more cardboard shelving for supplies.  No more mess on my desk - it all fits neatly in the big drawer!  Such luxury!!!  And my beloved Mac looks like he was designed for the room!  Mmmmm :)   It's no longer embarrassing having my office in the kitchen and it's no longer so crowded that you have to move the table that was in the middle just to move around the room! 

I have found that there are many new angles to take pictures from now that the new cabinets, and the cart are in.  So fun!  


LOL speaking of new angles for pictures...I wasn't happy with how much I was able to get in a shot, so I opened the window over the sink and stood on the porch taking pictures through the window!!! 

For everyone who has gone on this journey with me, this is a very familiar shot (from the "befores" and "durings")!!!  Only now it looks oh so different!  Yeah! 


See, I told you that you can see the crown molding!!!

I'm thinking I might mount a whiteboard, a chalkboard and cork on the inside of those tall pantry doors.  But not today!  But aren't they almost begging for it?  And right next to my office, how handy would that be???


This is my first decorating the new spaces!  This picture doesn't really show, but there is a rectangular orange ceramic planter behind on the left.  It, the glass candle holder on the left, the iron cookbook stand, the bendable leaves, the charger and the adorable ceramic pumpkin are all from my beloved Hobby Lobby.  God bless them!  I made the charger into a chalkboard and my daughter wrote our menu on it.  The girls gave me the Willow Tree figures you see in the shelves.  Don't miss one of my two Hobby Lobby crows on the leaf peering up at us!  Not to date myself, but I named them Heckle and Jeckle after a favorite cartoon when I was little.  I know they were "talking magpies", but these crows really look like them and they are a bit mischievous!  So cute!


Ahhhh, finally the display area!  I made a text art to put in the picture frame when I get a chance to print it.  So fun as the colors will always go with the dishes, but the word art can change as often as we wish! 


See Jeckle peering down at us?  So, I LOVE this collection!  I am crazy about these plates from Pier 1.  They are gorgeous together and the colors are so rich and beautiful!  The awesome napkins, the perfect napkin rings, the pumpkin and the picture frame are from Home Goods.  I've seen the rings at Bed, Bath & Beyond too.  The gorgeous green vase (just pennies on clearance) and sparkly mercury glass votive holder (only $1!!) are from Hobby Lobby. 


Hey Jeckle!  What's up?   The little pitcher is yellow underneath and the handle is clear.  My father met me for lunch one day on my first full time job and he gave me this little pitcher.  It was the only time he did either.  It was such a special time and my heart fills with warm memories of him every time I see it.  

I got this set of dishes years ago on clearance for almost nothing at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Some pieces were broken, but oh how I ADORE them!  The red glass goblets ended years of searching when I found them at Walmart one Christmas years ago.  I got the matching ruby red glass chargers at the same time.  They are also PERFECT!   The napkins again are Home Goods.  The red bowl and the cloche over it are both from Hobby Lobby and the Willow Tree from my girls, commemorates my years of quilting.  What a happy scene!

And here's a last look at the pretty dish racks we built.  If you want to know how, it's the post before this one.  I love that there's room in front of the salad plates and rim soups for one of the delicious mugs that my youngest daughter gave me.  I fell in love with them at Starbucks and she got me a pair years ago.  They are works of art and I just like looking at them!  The design is a bit dimensional too.  :)  The glass pumpkins are for my Thanksgiving dinner tablescape.  I have one to put in the center of each (4) place setting and they will be so beautiful!  I saw them at Pier 1 for a hefty price, then later at Home Goods for half price!  What a find! 

I miss Boo's condo where she loved to sleep in the window, bathed in sun and close enough I could work here with my hand on her.  But she's adjusted fine to her little bed between the "island" and my desk.  Her food is now on the other side of the desk next to the pantry.  LOL and now, when it's chilly like today, she is still inside my sweater with me, but is actually laying on the desk in front of the keyboard which is sparing my neck from supporting her, which is great!  You know I'm almost always holding her when I work here.  I'm SO BLESSED!

We are still stunned at this room.  We come and stare at it and can't believe what God has given us.  And I for one am stunned that it's basically OVER!  I've spent seven months physically working on it and the rest of the time either designing, planning or shopping for it.  My life has changed - it's done!  Hallelujah and praise God! 

We still need to figure out how to make all the new cabinet doors close right, fix the drawer that only wants to open 3" a lot of the time.  The floor looks good in the photos, but is terribly worn and has rips in it.  When we can do something about the floor someday, the fridge will move and I'll finally be able to paint behind it, then we'll put quarter round at the base of the new cabinets too.  I still plan to add a towel rack to the side of the island, but haven't found one yet.  There seems to only be bath towel rods and they are far too big and bulky for a kitchen towel.  I may add a corkboard, whiteboard and chalkboard to the insides of the pantry doors one day.  That seems like it could be cute and functional.  I hope to put one of my beautiful handles on the island drawer to make it match all the others, but for now, WE'RE DONE!

It's time for me to finally learn how to use the new stove!  I never had a cooktop or convection before and reading the manual was pretty overwhelming.  God bless my sister-in-law who is a home ec major and told me to stop reading the manual and just pretend it's like the old one, and that I don't HAVE to use the convection!  I was on the verge of returning it when she told me this and it is what has enabled me to use it just enough to get by all these months.  Now I will turn more attention to using it.

I can also finally finish making the family cookbook I was working on when all this started seven months ago!  My daughters had asked for it, to remember recipes they grew up with.  We expanded that to include their own adult signature dishes.  We selected the recipes together and have been cooking and taking pictures of each dish.  Thanks to the internet and digital images, distance is no problem.  I'm including pictures of them cooking as they grew up and adding the special memories that go with each recipe, some from us, some from ancestors.  I'm also including pictures of people in our lives we got recipes from.  It's going to be a VERY special cookbook, just for us!  I haven't much farther to go on it.  I'd LOVE to finish it in time to publish and give to them for Christmas! 

Thank you so much for joining me for the ups and downs of a real life remodel, warts and all!   I hope you have found some inspiration and believe me, if I can do it, you can too!  There are 35 posts that cover every project in the kitchen, so feel free to check them all out here.  Big hugs!

As God enables me, I will return to creating and giving away digital scrapbooking graphics here after this detour into DIY remodeling, so please don't be a stranger!  Y'all come back now!  ;)

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