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Autumn In Dixie Is Spectacular!  

There are so many distractions in our lives today that it's easy to entirely miss the beauty God gives us so abundantly each season.  We're too busy to notice the change.  When we do notice we think, I'll enjoy it later, then when we finally look, it has past.   I know there are times while I'm working and I notice the sunlight is especially wondrous and plan to enjoy it later, but before I know it it's getting dark and I missed it.  It's sad.

We don't notice the rich sunrises and sunsets, every one unique, lightning bugs glittering in the starry black night sky, soft mist blanketed meadows and mountains, pavement glittering in the sunlight.  God is always surrounding us with the wondrous beauty of this world He created and we so often miss it.  We will drive to a museum, wait in line and pay money to see a few small pieces of art and miss the double rainbow filling the sky from one horizon to the other or the way the raindrops are sparkling in the sunlight.  I hope you really enjoy this spectacular fall, the way it looks, the way it smells when it crunches under your feet and the abundant treasures it dries and leaves for us to get creative with! 

Autumn is such a beautiful time in the South, but then pretty much every time is beautiful here!   This is the view from my bathroom window!  Unbelievable!

This is a Crepe Myrtle tree and they are one of God's year round marvels.   In the fall, on a sunny day, they are almost unbelievably brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red with greens still showing.

Here the branches look dark because the sun is bright on the other side.  But they are actually extremely light beige.  This time of year they have a pattern on them from having just shed their bark.  The bark hangs like lizard skin from the branches!  Here the arrows show some of the bark hanging.  (This was a cloudy, rainy day so the colors are dulled).

The Bag-O-Bark that I have collected for crafting.


The crepe myrtle blossom clusters become really cool dried goodies too.  I gave this away as a freebie in 2009.  It's in the Pods 'n' Berries Kit in the store now.  I'm just posting this preview so you can see what they look like.

This is a page from the first book I published, Surrounded By God's Glory.  The top four pictures show what a crepe myrtle looks like in the spring and blooming.  They come in different colors.  Ironically I bought three tagged dark purple and clearly they were brilliant pink!  They are still stunning, but my favorite is still the dark purple.  They don't bloom until day's reach the 90's and stay that way.  You know summer's here when they bloom!

If you'd like tons of cool pods, berries and fall goodies to use on your scrapbooking pages, these are just some of the fall related kits are available.  There are tons more in the store.  Just click the store button at the bottom of this post or the pretty blue round one at the top of the right column on the blog.  You can just use the Buy It Now Buttons to purchase any of these.

I hope you enjoyed this botanical taste of God's Southern autumn glory with me!  I know that I recently posted some of this when discussing the autumn dried treasures I was collecting, but it seemed right to put them here too so everyone could see the different seasonal dress of this lovely bush.  LOL it's seems odd that it's a "bush" when it's as tall as my two story house!!

Don't miss the autumn show where you live and be sure to share it with your kids so they learn to enjoy all that God gives us too!  And really, isn't everything in life more fun when we share it with those we love? 

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