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Chalkboard Chargers a bit differently!  

I know everyone is making chalboard chargers, but I thought I'd share mine because I did something a bit different and it might be helpful to you.

Here is the first one I made.  It had a scrolled edge that made a pretty design with the chalk.  My daughter decorated it with the menu we were serving company.  


First try.  I chose a charger that already had a black back.  Then I put two coats of the wonderful primer I used to paint my kitchen hardware here.  It's fantastic stuff. I haven't read about others using primer, but I want to be able to really use these and the primer should help the chalkboard paint to stick to the slick plastic.  Then I used two coats of Krylon chalkboard spray paint.  I discovered that the fine mist of the primer ended up on the exposed underneath, even though I sprayed straight down from above.  So when the chalkboard paint dried, I sprayed the bottoms with the same industrial black enamel I had left from the kitchen and it's perfect now.

I had read to "prime" the paint by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk all over your project and then wipe it off.  They say this keeps your chalk marks from being permanent/semi-permanent.  It's also supposed to make the chalk show up better.  I wasn't happy with how this worked on the chargers due to their shape.  I couldn't get into the area between the raised rim and the bottom part and it left "scratches" trying.  It wasn't a consistent coverage.  Then when I tried it as a charger, I found that too much space was used by the pretty scrollwork around the edge and there wasn't enough room to write a message, draw or write someone's name.

Round two.  I chose completely flat rims so I'd have more space to write.  I did the same process up to the priming.  This time I grated my chalk and dumped the powder on a charger.  I gently rubbed it in circles...gently because there were a few small chunks that could have scratched, but it was mostly powder.  It works like a dream!  It easily goes anywhere and is very consistent.  Yeah!  Then I just dumped the extras into the next charger and kept priming.  So cool!  It took less than half a piece of chalk to prime all six chargers.

I just love these!  Thank you whoever first got the idea to do this!!!!  LOVE IT!

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