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Chalkboard Pantry Door  

I finally put the chalkboard inside my new pantry door as part of The Accidental Remodel and I think it's great!  (The sunlight is making the cabinets look yellow...they are really a delicious soft white.)

I bought a vinyl chalkboard for $5.18 with a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby.  I was concerned when I unrolled it as it was anything but smooth.  I had thought it would attach like a static sticker and was concerned as there is enough texture to the paint that my suction cup hook won't stick to it.  (I ended up using a clear Command hook for my dish towel.)  I was pleased to see the back of this was adhesive and also printed with a grid to aid in cutting.  It made trimming it to fit my area effortless.  It went on smooth and couldn't have been more effortless!  It is very easy to reposition and will come off easily when it's no longer wanted.  Sweet!

Already I'm forming ideas of what to do with the part I trimmed off!!!  :)  If I had a die cutting machine, I'd cut labels for jars and tags!

I used my method of grating part of a piece of chalk and rubbing the dust onto the surface to prime it.  I greatly prefer the results using this method to rubbing the side of a piece of chalk all over it.  It's kinda fun to do it this way too!  It's like dry finger painting, and who didn't love finger painting???

I am thrilled with how well my $.47 pack of Walmart chalk shows up on this vinyl chalkboard.  It didn't show up well on the chalkboard chargers I made using Krylon Chalkboard spray paint, so this was great news.

As I drew my liquid and dry measurement equivalents charts on it, it erased beautifully with just my fingers, which we already chalky from the priming.   Yeah!

I'm a list person.  It's how I get things done.  Now I'll be able to keep my "to do" list on the chalkboard right next to where I work and just erase when one is accomplished and add more as necessary.  No more keeping up with a paper list and recopying what's left to a new list.  Yeah!

I think it would be cuter if part of this were corkboard and/or magnetic whiteboard, but the truth is that this meets my needs best.  I didn't want to risk of the door being slammed and tacks ending up on the floor with baby Boo.  I love magnetic whiteboards too, but even cleaning it immediately after every Bible lesson in class, it left ghosts I couldn't get rid of.  I knew that what I write here would stay a while and so would ruin the white board.  So, I'm a touch sad that it isn't as pretty as it could be, but this is more functional for us.

One last thing, if you are thinking of buying this vinyl chalkboard from Hobby Lobby, it was enough to do this floor to ceiling door and leave a little extra to play with.

Thanks for dropping by and have a great day!

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UPDATE:  Two years after installing this, the corners are coming loose.  They are still secure and just tacking the corners on does the job.

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