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Cotton Boll Christmas Ornaments  

Recently I posted about the Cotton Field In My Kitchen here.   It was about the dried fall treasures I collect to make pretty things for fall and winter.  I showed you my "cotton field" awaiting their projects.

I saw this idea on Thrift My House and loved it!  Isn't the internet fantastic for sharing cool ideas?

I bought some empty glass ornaments at half price for $3 and started stuffing cotton and cotton burs into them.  Mine aren't as pretty as the person who posted my inspiration.  It looks like she managed to get complete burs into the ornaments.  I could barely get one section in at a time by breaking them apart.  Not as cool, but they are still cool enough and will be loved by those I give them too.  As I explained in the Cotton Field post, cotton is dear to my family and now that one of my daughters lives far away, she can now keep her cotton near for the holidays!

And here are the pretty cotton ornaments!

This picture also shows the Pottery Barn Knock Off Silver Acorns I made.  You can read about them three posts ago here.  I also made Pottery Barn Knock Off Gold Leaf Acorns here.

I hope you are having fun decorating with the beautiful treasures God is leaving for us in fields and brush!  See ya next time!

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