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Kusudama Cloche  

If you were visiting during the Fall/Christmas season last year, you might remember the Kusudama Balls that I made from old book pages.  I had a LOT of time in waiting rooms for doctors and surgeries last year and I kept supplies in my purse and made tons of the little pieces to pass the time.  I ended up with some awesome decorations!  There were three posts here, here and here.  These are some of those pictures in case you don't want to go look.  

They were so pretty that I didn't put them away after the holiday, but I've been concerned about dust.  How do you dust these?  They took so long to make and I want them to stay nice for a long time.  I had an idea.

I fell in love with cloches in Pottery Barn catalogs, but wow are they out of the realm of possibility!  So, like any good DIY'er I kept my eyes open for more affordable things that would give the same look.  I bought a cloche and base from Hobby Lobby for $13.50 on half price sale.

I used this cloche in my Pottery Barn knock off spring tablescape here. 

BTW, those were bulbs I was forcing inside.

Ever since taking the spring table down so I could use the table for The Accidental Remodel of our kitchen, I had planned to use the cloche for the Kusudama Balls.  There was so much to do in the remodel and the house was a wreck from having the entire kitchen moved into all the other rooms.  I only got to it working on the cloche recently.

The redish brown base worked fine on the spring tablescape, but not for the Kusudama Balls.  I used the same primer and paint as my cabinets and trim in the kitchen on the base.  I had painted the trim in the rest of the house and our coffee table with the same paint before I started the kitchen.  So, anywhere in the public part of the house, this lovely soft white base will go perfectly!  And if I use it in the kitchen some time, NOTHING looks as good on my black granite counters as a soft white!

Do you remember by Pussy Willow Ball?  You can read about it here.  It too has been a dust concern and I do love it so.  The colors are awesome and it's soooooooo soft! 

I finally gathered all my dust endangered treasures from last fall together in the cloche!  I love it and no more dust issues!   The pussy willow ball is on a spindle of twine.  The six pointed Kusudama ball is on a Bath & Body Works candle in it's silver metal snowflake holder.   The five pointed Kusudama ball is sprinkled with "diamonds" from Hobby Lobby.  They are sold to sprinkle on your table.  I got them 50% off for about $1.50. 

I may weather the base with sandpaper in the future, but for now it's on a coffee table that isn't weathered and it looks just fine.  My husband says it looks snowy.  Practical, affordable and beautiful!  Yeah!  Chalk another one up for DIY!

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