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Chalkboard Christmas Tablescape  

It's time to share my Christmas table with you!

I have a daughter who lives very far away.  Due to weather up north, finances and leave from work, she always has to choose between Thanksgiving and Christmas to come home.  Because of the weather, I agree it's safer driving for Thanksgiving.

But I miss her so for Christmas.  I haven't gotten to be with her for Christmas in years.  The girls were planning for us to decorate her sister's house while she was home, eat Christmas cookies, Christmas music, just like when they were growing up.  I got to thinking...why not have my house decorated for Christmas too!  We had to have Thanksgiving on the Sunday before anyway...and we all know Jesus wasn't born on December why not celebrate the two together this year?  ThankChrist!  A very appropriate combined name for our celebration with my loved ones as both holidays are truly about thanking God for His blessings and for sending Jesus to save us!  Hence we had Thanksgiving and Christmas...ThankChrist, the Sunday before Thanksgiving this year and it was wonderful!

Here's my table.  I just adore the chalkboard chargers I shared with you here.   I loved watching the girls personalize everyone's chargers with messages.  LOL now I don't want to wash them!  It will be a very long time until my youngest is home again to write new ones.  But sadly, a charger's life is to catch what we spill while we eat and every bit really shows on the chalky board.  They need washed, but they'll just have to wait a bit as I'm loving them!  

All these beautiful hand blown mercury glass ornaments, well, actually even the others and the pretty, shiny bells are from the wonderful Hobby Lobby and at 40% - 50% off!!!  The greens and the woven thing they are in too now that I think about it!  Yeah Hobby Lobby!

The gooooorrrrgeeeeooous glasses where under $3 a piece at Walmart one year - LOVE THEM!  Can we say PERFECT?  The adorable chevron yummies are a gift from my oldest from Starbucks with packets of their hot chocolate in each.  Too cute!  You might enjoy looking at them on another tablescape here too.

See why I'm loving those chalkboard chargers?  The napkins are from Home Goods...12 for under $8.  The vine wreath napkin holders were $1 on half price at Hobby Lobby and my youngest tied twine bows on them.  So HAPPY!  Love what the chargers add to the table and LOVE the message her sister wrote for her....beaming!

 The plates were from an outlet store many years ago and I think they were $1 each.

The table cloth was from Bed Bath and Beyond years ago and was something like $11 on sale.  LOVE this table cloth.   They don't seem to carry the same rich type these days, but I still love the store!  And I guess that's the segway to tell you that these are all my own opinions and I have not been reimbursed in any way for this post.  I just want you to know where you can find everything and what it cost.  It doesn't have to cost a fortune to decorate your home beautifully!

Thanks for dropping by!  Big hugs and Merry Christmas to you!

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