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Cotton Boll & Bur Christmas Trees  

While we were crafting together after Thanksgiving Dinner, my girls came up with an idea.  I had gathered tons of natural dried goodies from our area and prepared them for our crafting, so ideas abounded!   You can read about the harvesting and preparing here

We moved South when the girls were very small, so all the quintessential Southern things have always been very special to us - including cotton.  Maybe especially cotton as we lived in the country with cotton fields all around us.

When they saw the cotton and cotton burs I'd collected they wanted to make trees.  They took the styrofoam cones and hot glued the cotton to cover them then accented the trees with cotton burs.  I myself want to make one that is covered with cotton then stolidly covered with burs like I did the wreaths (read about them here), but alas, I ran out of burs.

For about two months the house was filled with bags and trays of every kind of dried thing I could collect, pinecones, acorns and caps, Crepe Myrtle Pods and bark, Mimosa pods, Magnolia pods and berries, cotton bolls and burs and more.  I collected, proofed in the oven and then the house filled with bags of them all waiting for the girls at Thanksgiving.  It seemed they were everywhere, yet, we ran out of everything except the Mimosa pods and Crepe Myrtle Bark which have proven to be too delicate to use much.  I still think the bark would be gorgeous in a clear glass cylinder, but I don't have hone.  I'm hoping to come up with more ideas to use these two with as I've got bunches left!
I had also gotten each of them a beautiful decorative box and filled them with this luscious assortment of goodies from home to use as vase filler and other decorative uses.

This is how their trees turned out.

So unique!   And doesn't my Upscaled Microwave Cart against the fridge in the kitchen after The Accidental Remodel this year make the perfect place to take pictures???  Oh yeah!  Serendipity blessings abound!  It was so crazy cooking my first holiday meals in the new kitchen...a stove that works?!?!  Counters????   The new sink and faucet????   Yeah!  We all just kept being amazed at it all.  Thank YOU God for all Your countless blessings!  May we all be constantly aware so we don't take them for granted, but give You thanks at all times as we should!  Whooohooo!  You rock God! 

Thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas!

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