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Crepe Myrtle Pod Spheres  

I've recently shared a lot of posts on gathering, bug proofing and using the bounty of dried goodness that God gives is in the autumn.  I just love wandering woods and fields and collecting these treasures, feeling the crunch under foot and smelling that wonderful autumn purfume!

Today I have another project for you using one of these beauties!  This one is made with Crepe Myrtle pods.  The pods are what's left after the flower clusters are gone.  You can see what the Crepe Myrtle looks like on my Cotton Field In My Kitchen post here.  You can see it blooming, the bark it sheds (which I collected too of course!) and the pods.

This is what the pods look like up close.  Gorgeous!  (This image was the preview I used when I gave them away as a digital scrapbooking freebie.)  They are now available in a huge kit of fall goodness along with lots of other fall related kits available in my store.  Lots of them are on the Cotton Field post.

I have a post coming up soon where I share how The Accidental Remodel of our kitchen looks with chalkboards added in the cabinets.  One section of the chalkboard is devoted to a "to do" list.  One of the things on that list was to prune the branches of one of our crepe myrtle bushes that are rubbing loudly on the house.  It's such a hardy (and GORGEOUS) bush that I have to do this each year.  I got to erase my first "to do"!!!

Today I took my huge long pruner upstairs to the bathroom and pruned through the window.  This time it was a bit more challenging as I wanted to save the pods.  In the end, after gathering every pod I could from ground level too, I had a nice bag of the beauties!

As always, I proofed them in a low oven on a foil covered cookie sheet for an hour or so to be sure there are no unwelcome visitors filling my house.  I love how the house smells when I'm proofing dried goodies.  Mmmmmm!  Then it was time to have more fun!

I painted styrofoam balls brown in case any spots peek through once it's covered.  I take NO pains to do a pretty job of this as most of it will be covered.  Then I started attaching the lovely pods with low melt glue.  My oldest daughter dropped by after work and absolutely loved them!  LOL that's good as I'm making one for each of the girls!

Here's one of them finished...isn't it lovely?

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you are having fun with these projects!  There's a lot more to come!

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