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Glittery Santa Glass Ornaments  

I had some of the oval fillable glass ornaments left from the Looking Glass Ornament projects here and here.  This is what they looked like:

This is what I did with some of the extras and I'm over the moon about them!

For the Santa's belt one, I ModPodged the ornament and glittered it bright red.  I let it dry with a pencil in it in a cup.  Then I hot glued a black grosgrain ribbon around the middle.  I glued on thin sparkly silver ribbon to look like a buckle. Too cute!  I think these are cuter because these are the flat round ornaments.  Just as I was finishing the buckle, my husband breezes through and points out it's on the wrong side for a man...I'd totally forgotten there was a difference!  Too bad.  It was glued!

For the striped one, I put a band of double stick tape around the middle and glittered it red.  Then I did the same with thinner double stick tape (Terrifically Tacky Tape from Hobby Lobby) and glittered it shimmering white.  I know, it looks silver here, but it's dreamy snowy white!  I was happy with the white glitter bands, but the tape wouldn't hold enough red to make it solid red, so I painted ModPodge right over the top of it and glittered it red again.  Yeah!  Love it!

The candle stick is from Old Time Pottery for $3.99, but I saw it at Target yesterday for $14.99.  Score!  The candle was just over $2 at Hobby Lobby today...mmmm cinnamon!  And the greens were $2 there too.  The astonishingly handsome and playful penguin pillows I got for $5 each at Walmart years ago.  They are filled with tiny styrofoam beads and are so fun to hug and pose!  They are family favorites every year!

And the last credit goes to the photo location...drum roll...THANK YOU GOD for our new kitchen!  It was seven hard months of work, but oh my!  We still can't believe it and thank Him every time we come in...LOL or even see it from another room!  This pic is on the remade microwave cart, now sporting the glass top I'd wanted, a gift of love from my girls, and it's against my beloved old fridge - may it never die!  You can read all about The Accidental Remodel here.  And we did it all for $4,060!!!!  And that includes a fantastic new stove from Lowe's, granite, seventeen chests on our new shelves and custom made dish racks!  Praise God!!!

You can see other things I did with glitter and clear glass balls here.

Hope you are having fun with your last minute preparations.  Do NOT forget to enjoy the  moments!  It's not all about the final result, it's the journey, especially when it's with loved ones.  God bless you all and come back, I have lots more for you!

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