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Gorgeous Cotton Bur Wreath and Candle Ring  

I promised I'd show you some  beautiful things to make with the cotton burs I've been collecting and today's the day for another!  If you are interested in the other dried treasures I've collected and made into things, you should drop by the Cotton Field In My Kitchen post for lots of pictures and info.  Today's project uses the bur that's left when the cotton fibers are removed.

I just love wreaths and candle rings made from natural elements, but they cost a fortune!  So today I'm sharing some I'm making from beautiful cotton burs.  They are lovely natural colors and have tons of texture. and visual interest.  LOL and they are a bit pokey too so be mindful when working with them.  They aren't bad, but it's hard to keep them in a plastic bag as they tear through.  After they harvest the cotton, we have fields full of just burs.  We took baby Boo out a while back and gathered the burs before they tilled them under.

The first thing I did was proof them in a low over for an hour or so on a foil covered cookie sheet, just to be sure there weren't any unwelcomed hatchings in our future.   Then I had a big bag of them just waiting to be transformed!  Yeah!

The first thing I did to some of the cotton burs was to use a sponge brush to dab some ModPodge onto just the highest ridges of the burs and douse them in Diamond Dust!  When they dried, this is the lovely result!

Aren't they gorgeous?  They are perfect to sprinkle into any display and though very subtle in most lighting, they grab your attention and dance gloriously when the light hits them right!  I'm going to stick some in the Christmas tree too!  No hanger necessary with an artificial tree - just stick 'em!  Run to your Michael's for some of this beautiful glitter!   (No I'm not being paid in any way to promote it, it's just that good!)

I bought grape vine wreaths for $3 at Hobby Lobby and attached the sparkly pods closely all over the wreath with low melt glue.   They can be wreaths if hung or candle rings if laid down!  Can't wait to get a candle and see how it looks!  Ohhhh I can just imagine that glitter in flickering candle light!

My husband couldn't care less about the things I make, though he's always dutifully supportive.  But when he spotted this yesterday morning he could not say enough wonderful things about it!  With the wonderful Diamond Dust, light does stunning things with it that don't show in the pictures.   He laughed and got real about our cotton bur harvesting trip!  I knew he was grumpy as he let Boo explore the cotton field while I harvested burs as fast as I could in the freezing wind, but I didn't know he was thinking how UGLY they were and what on earth could I do with them!!!  :)  Guess that's why he's so excited about the results.  I was giving this first one away, but methinks I'd better not now!  I made a larger one over night that can be a gift.  My oldest was here when I was making this smaller one and has been making all manner of coy backhanded comments about "hers".  She's even messaged me a photo of where she wants to put it, saying wouldn't a small wreath look great just there?  :)  Doesn't it feel marvelous when people actually want the goodies we make???  Oh yeah!

I also figured out a great system for the mess in crafting.  This was a messy project because of the crumbly dried leaves attached to the underside of the burs.  It finally hit me to open the drawer, stretch a walmart bag across it hooking the handles over the ends of the drawer, then close the drawer.  That made an entirely secure trash collector right there under the work surface!  I just held each bur in the bag as I removed the leaves and trimmed the stems.  The mess that still ended up on the counter was a breeze to just sweep off the edge into the trash bag with my hand!  :)

If you're thinking of making one of these sometime, I collected two Walmart bags full to overflowing.  After the oven they I combined them in the huge hotel dirty laundry bag in the picture above.  That entire bag made one 11", one 14" and one 16" wreath with odds and ends left over.  That should help you know how many you'd need to collect for this project.  I wish I'd collected more as there are others I wanted to make wreaths for.  I think it's way too late for any of the fields to still be standing, but if I can find the time I may just go trolling for some more!  But oh what cold work it will be now!!!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my prickly beauty as much as I am!

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