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Hershey's Chocolate Kiss Natural Tree!  

Today's treat is a tree my daughters and I made with all natural dried goodies as a project when they were home for Thanksgiving.

I just LOVE all the dried treasures God leaves for us in the fall.  They are free for the gathering and you can do SO many things with them to make your home warm and beautiful and great gifts that mean more because you made them yourself.  You can see how I harvested and prepared the materials here.

After Thanksgiving dinner was all cleaned up, we started crafting!  Gotta make the most of those precious moments loved ones are near - make memories!  I had been bouncing ideas of craft projects off both the girls as the holiday approached.  We came up with a list and I had everything ready when they got here.

For this project we used a foam cone from the craft store (don't forget those wonderful 40% off coupons!).  I got the last bags of small pine cones I could find and they were at Hobby Lobby for $2.50 each at 50% off.  Add the Crepe Myrtle Pods I had collected and prepared and some hot glue and we were off!

We each had a project we were working on so it was easy for everyone to take turns on this tree.  The first step was covering the foam cone as densely as we could with the little pine cones.  Then we added layers of cones to that to make the Hershey's Chocolate Kiss shape.  After that it was just a matter of filling in all the gaps with the amazing dried Crepe Myrtle Pods.  The pods are not only gorgeous, but they come a variety of sizes and in all stages of opening - some still closed.  Perfect for plugging gaps and making lovely garland like clusters all around the tree!  Loooooooove it!

Isn't it just gorgeous???  If I hadn't run out of materials I'd have made more.  I'll just have to collect more of everything next fall!  Lord willing!

We had planned to spray this one brass and possibly tip the edges with Diamond Dust, a light transparent glitter that I'm crazy in love with.  Then as we worked we thought maybe to just tip the edges with gold, but in the end it was too scrumptious natural to do anything to it at all!  This one went home with baby girl!  It's a fun shape.  I just love all the different cone based trees that are around these days!  I have a wish list of styles I want to make - do you?  Thanks for dropping by!

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