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Looking Glass Ornaments - Naturals  

I posted about making Krylon Looking Glass ornaments recently and promised you some further ideas.  Well, my daughter came up with my two favorites.  You might remember my post about the Cotton Field In My Kitchen where I shared about harvesting and proofing all the dried goodies God leaves us in the fall.  Well, when the girls and I were crafting all those goodies after Thanksgiving dinner was cleaned up, these are some of the gorgeous ornaments they came up with.  I love it!

This one she filled with fake snowflakes, Crepe Myrtle Pods and Crepe Myrtle Bark.  Then she used a chalk marker and wrote on it.

On this one she filled the bottom with a cotton boll and sprinkled Crepe Myrtle Pods on top.  I LOVE THESE!!!  And so easy!  LOL that is if you have the vision, which I didn't!   I just knew there would be great ideas for using the ornaments I had used Looking Glass on the backs of, but I simply couldn't come up with a single idea!  I adore these!  Way to go honey!

You can see other things I did with these here.  And another here.

I hope you are enjoying your holidays.  Best wishes from Lynette's Photo Art to you!

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