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Old Book Page Ornament - Yep! Another One!  

I have another gorgeous paper project to share!  I'm sure I'm not the first, but here's my take on it and I just LOVE how they turned out!  And they are SO easy to make!

I used old book pages, but you could use double sided scrapbook paper too.

You can use whatever sizes of circles you want, but these are what I used and they made 5 1/2" diameter ornaments.  Punch 10 - 2 1/2" circles and 10 - 2" circles. 

Punch a 2" circle out of heavy cardstock to use as the base and a 2 1/2" circle out of book page to cover the back of it.

Hold each bundle of 10 circles together and rolled the edges on an ink pad to age and accent the design when it's assembled.  It's so much faster that way, rolling twice versus rolling 20 times!  Don't forget to ink the circle that will cover the back of the base.

Next roll each of the large circles into the shape in the picture and secure with a dot of low melt glue.

When you have all ten of one size done, attach each to the next one with a dot of glue where they would touch near the top (not at the points).  That gives you a loose circle that's very flexible.   I lay my hanging hook between two of these sections so it's secured and hidden between them when I glue them together.

Now turn it to the back and put glue on the tips.  Arrange the wreath on the cardstock base so they are evenly spaced and centered on the circle.

Do the same with with the ten smaller circles.  You'll notice there is greater space between each of the rolled shapes when you attach them to make their circle.  This is good.  More flexibility.

Without putting glue on the tips, put it in the center of the larger circle you just attached to the base, so you can see how it fill fit.  See how holding the points down in the center makes the open parts high on top of the first ring?  Cool dimension!  Your points will not meet in the center of the base.

Go ahead and glue the tips to the base, being sure to stagger where the open parts lay on the open parts of the large wreath already glued down.  (See picture).

Now you get to choose something to fill the center of the base with.  I had a few totally awesome acorns that were really wide and the caps nearly covered the acorn.  I glued one in the center and then ModPodged it to bring out it's richness.  Check out my harvesting dried goodies post here

Turn it to the back and glue the book page circle to cover the back of the base.

Note - After making the first one I realized that I could cut and roll each group to either have print inside or not.  This makes a lovely pattern.  I actually took it apart and punched more circles to make the two ornaments - one with white inside ring and one with white outside ring.  Happy, happy!

When I look at the picture of the ornament with only the large wreath attached to the base, I think it would look like a poinsettia flower if it were made of red paper with something less noticeable on the reverse side.  It would be fun to paint a big acorn cap bright yellow and glue in the center of the flower! 

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoy making these.  So pretty!

UPDATE:  This post has gotten crazy attention on Pinterest for a long time now.  I want everyone to know there are almost 200 other DIY and craft tutorials here, including several others using old book pages, so don't miss them!  Click DIY in the label cloud and then each time you finish a page be sure to return to the top of the page under the skit to move to the next page of projects. 

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