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Pottery Barn Golden Acorns Knock Off  

I fell in love with Pottery Barn's golden acorn vase filler years ago, but I don't see any reason to pay that price when I can do it myself and have some fun!  So, Boo and I collected acorns on our walks.  The weather is so wonderful and the fall colors so pretty, me and Boo and my bag of acorns!  An hour in my oven on low and they are safe from buggy surprises.  I had on hand is Krylon's Chrome spray paint, so first I made silver ones here.

It turned out that silver was the perfect color for the coffee table!  This is how I used them, to tie my two focal points together on my coffee table.  I love the sparkly bird/branches.  Of course I'm the Mama bird and the two sparkly babies are my lovely daughters!  The story of the Pussy Willow and Kusudama Balls is here, the  Cloche is three posts back and the cotton is from my Cotton Field In My Kitchen post here , if you're interested.

The sparkly branch was from Michael's many years ago.  The birds were from Trees n' Trends years ago, but I've seen the little ones at Pier 1 this year.   The cloche and chrome paint are from Hobby Lobby and the candle inside from Bath & Body Works.  The "diamonds" in the cloche are from Hobby Lobby.   The acorns and cotton are straight from God, their Creator!

But I still longed for golden ones, so I used a 40% off coupon for the 18 karat Gold Leaf Paint Pen at Michael's.  It was regularly $8.99 and no I'm not being compensated for this, just sharing so you can find the goodies and have fun too!

Then I learned that though the Chrome spray paint worked fine on the acorns, the paint pen didn't.  It was dull and soaked right in drying to a sick greenish color.  Obviously they needed to be sealed first.  So I painted the acorns with ModPodge to seal them and let them dry on wax paper.  Then when I used the gold pen the results were stunning!  Shiny and bright with only one fun coat.  Can't say that ModPodging all those acorns was fun tho and then turning each one to be sure they dried on all sides.

I also learned that ModPodge on the caps makes them very dark and I chose not to do that on the gold ones, just the acorn bodies.  Aren't they lovely?  The jar on the left is just ModPodge and looks yummy too.  The golden beauties are in the avocado jar on the right!  You've got to do this, so fun!

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