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Radiant Cotton Burs!  

I've been sharing lots of things to do with the dried treasures God leaves for us in the autumn recently.  I've got another for you today.  If you are interested, you should drop by the Cotton Field In My Kitchen post for lots of pictures and info about our wonderful King Cotton.  Today's project uses the bur that's left when the cotton fibers are removed.

I think cotton burs are beautiful.  They are lovely natural colors and have tons of texture. and visual interest.  After they harvest the cotton, we have fields full of just burs.  We took baby Boo out a while back and gathered the burs before they tilled them under.

The first thing I did was proof them in a low over for an hour or so on a foil covered cookie sheet, just to be sure there weren't any unwelcomed hatchings in our future.   Then I had a big bag of them just waiting to be transformed!

Now I need to share about the world's BEST glitter!  It's called Diamond Dust by FloraCraft.  I got a tiny tub of it years ago at Hobby Lobby and fell utterly  in love with it.  It's not anything like other glitters.  It's not heavy and tacky as glitters often are.  In my search for more of it I read that it's actually glass, but no, it's not the least sharp.

You might remember this glitter from my Magazine Tree post.  I left our trees up for that first year, just because the glitter in the sunlight was so breath taking.  It would stop me in my tracks as I passed through the room!  My husband has admitted to just standing and staring at it too.  But the problem was I only had that small tub of it and it was a seasonal item...and they had no more.

I made a point the last two holiday seasons to look for it there again, even asking and having them check, but no Diamond Dust.  Sooooooo sad!  None this year either.  Well...though I greatly prefer shopping at Hobby Lobby to Michael's, I found myself there last week with a 50% off coupon.  I couldn't decide what to use it on and was about to leave when my eyes fell just below what I was considering and, to my utter delight, there was one, and only one, huge jar of, yes, Diamond Dust!!!!!!  Oh my goodness!  I couldn't buy it fast enough!  I had to make a concerted effort to conceal my delight lest they think I was completely nuts!  And now I don't have to ration it like gold any more!!!!  Thank you God!  LOL I won't be surprised to find it had fallen from heaven!

You thought I forgot what we were talking about didn't you??  No, the first thing I did to some of the cotton burs was to use a sponge brush to dab some ModPodge onto just the highest ridges of the burs and douse them in Diamond Dust!  When they dried, this is the lovely result!

Aren't they gorgeous?  They are perfect to sprinkle into any display and though very subtle in most lighting, they grab your attention and dance gloriously when the light hits them right!  I'm going to stick some in the Christmas tree too!  No hanger necessary with an artificial tree - just stick 'em!  Run to your Michael's for some of this beautiful glitter!  (No, I am not being compensated by anyone for what I'm saying.) 

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to come back for more projects!  I have something else in mind for these beauties!

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